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Mercedes sold for 20 dollars

15th August 2011

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The former coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers sells Mercedes to team cafeteria worker for $20. mercedes

On his last day in Pittsburgh, Ray Horton sold his 1999 Mercedes SL500 to cafeteria worker  Maurice Matthews. Horton will now take over as defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals and decided to leave Pittsburgh with an unexpected and generous deal.

Yahoo reports that Matthews would always ask Horton about being allowed to drive his sports car. Jokingly, Horton would reply, “you can’t afford the gas in it”.

However, on his final day when approaching to say goodbye, Horton asked if he could borrow whatever money Matthews had in his pocket. After being handed over $20, Horton said, “Sold for $20!”

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Horton told Matthews, “’re a good dude, I know you will take care of it”.

Matthews drove Horton to the airport the next day and received all the paperwork for complete ownership of the car. Matthews had just won himself a car with only 64,000 miles on it and an actual value of $17,735.


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