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9th August 2011

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Pokemon. Remember Pokemon? The awful animation, the creepy adults-being-kids voices, the barbaric way in which they made their little friends battle until they fainted? Yeah, those were the good days.pokemontake3

Pokemon lovers still do exist across the globe. These guys LOVE Pokemon. These guys BREATHE Pokemon. H ell, th ey ADORE Pokemon so much that they have taken the time out from their daily grind of doing nothing and penne d some lyrics for a Pokemon musical. These guys actually stopped sitting on their ass and watching the TV long enough to think of words that rhyme with ‘Clefairy’ (turns out, there aren’t many). So pleased were they with their efforts, they decided to inflict them on us via the medium of Youtube.


Ever dreamt of owning your own online fish tank? No, us niether! Now you can!  Well not owning as such, more ‘surveying’. To raise awareness for Shark Week (which has been and gone- nice promoting guys), the people at Discovery set up live streaming from the worlds biggest fish tank. So this is for all those who dream of watching fish swim around their tanks aimlessly on a daily basis. Although this tank contains more divers than fish. Still, it’s nice to have a swimming human on your screen, is it not?

Keeping with the fish theme here, although taking a slightly more deranged path is:

Look away now if you have a squeamish disposition to details of tiny fishes slipping inside teenage boys penises. Now, I don’t actually know how a fish would get inside a penis without any ‘help’, but the boy in this link is adamant that it just ‘slipped’ in, whilst he was having a wee. 

Speaking of deranged paths, check out this clip from an ‘alternative’ Japanese chef/comedian/presenter ‘Hard Gay’ Hardgayrazorramon

Yeah, I saw the name I thought.. “What fresh hell is this?”.

Well... it’s a bloke dressed up in tight PVC shorts, dominatrix boots and sunglasses.Yup this is Japanese television. Hard Gay basically runs around town performing charitable acts to unsuspecting members of the public (such as helping kids to eat a better diet, or aiding failing businesses). All this he manages with trademark pelvic thrusts – dancing to ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ by that 'heterosexual' idol, Ricky Martin.

This clip shows him helping some random kid enjoy Natto (some food), by showing him how to cook a delicious dinner. It has to be said, it’s one of the oddest things I have seen in a while- a bloke in PVC hotpants cooking a meal in a park. Hands up, who’s hungry?

 After that you may feel a little happier, perhaps even ..cheerful. But just when a smile begins to engulf your chubby chops something like this song here; will cause your happy train to crash and your faith in humanity to come tumbling down again.

A song has never been so meaningful or deep. A heartfelt plea to ones boyfriend has never been so full of sorrow, as she questions him on whether or not he is having an affair. There’s poetic lyrics a-plenty  here as she repeatedly asks him if she can smell his um, ahem, winkle. You know, just to check he hasn’t been cheating. As you do.

This song actually got released. So it just goes to show that there’s hope for all us.

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