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Website has high response for useless signs


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The US website has received a high number of UK responses following requests for users to send in examples of useless signs.

Some of the findings include an ‘elevator out of service’ sign which is then followed by the alternative option which states ‘please use elevator’. A fish and chip shop try and lure customers using confusion with the advert ‘Buy one fish & chips for the price of two and receive a second fish & chips absolutely free!’

Stating the obvious takes on a new meaning with a road sign that cautions drivers there will be ‘water on the road during rain.’ A helpful sign explains the meaning of the word balcony by making people aware ‘that the balcony is not on ground level.’

Consumers can be assured that a DVD player advertised for sale in the window of a shop is ‘religion free’, apparently ‘good-news’ according to the speech bubble illustrated next to the translation error.

An SOS telephone on the side of the motorway is helpfully pointed out by a sign preceding it by less than a metre and a ‘lane closed to ease congestion’ is contradicted by the long queue of inconvenienced motorists waiting in the adjacent lane.

For any tourists visiting Penrith, Cumbria your life may be in danger at the train station if you don’t keep back from the tracks. As is helpfully pointed out by the warning sign; ‘you may get sucked off' the platform edge.

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