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Groom found to be a woman during wedding


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A wedding ceremony in Indonesia was stopped short after the groom was discovered to be a woman.

The Muslim family of the bride sensed something strange when the previously heavy voice of the groom seemed to be ascending into a female tone.

The vows were about to be exchanged when the groom; ‘inadvertently let out a female voice’.

An investigation is being carried out into fraud by the police who said; “When the cleric asked him questions, his voice turned soft, like that of a woman.”

The Islamic ceremony in western Java, Indonesia was attended by family and friends of the bride but the groom’s side did not show. Suspicions escalated when “Rio” failed to show legal documents.

The local police chief Krisnandi said that the couple had known each other for seven months. He stated that the woman; “had a male physique and looked very much like a man.”

After deliberation the wedding ceremony was saved by an ex-boyfriend of the brides who stepped in as the new groom, saving the families blushes in front of the guests.

This case follows a similar report last year when an Indonesian man married someone he had met on facebook. He filed a police complaint after finding out that his new partner was a man.

Same- sex marriages are not allowed in Indonesia although homosexuality itself is not illegal.

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