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Tortoises on wheels and giraffes in heels


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Thanks to pioneering treatment a baby giraffe and 12 year old African tortoise have both recovered from injuries leaving them unable to walk.tortoise on wheels

The tortoise who recently had his front leg amputated has been fitted with a replacement in the form of a wheel.

The caster-style wheel was attached to his shell by doctors at Washington State University’s veterinary hospital after an injury to his leg resulted in amputation.

The wheel was attached to the tortoise’s shell using an epoxy adhesive. Gamera the tortoise took to the new device immediately and has gained three pounds after reports suggest he is exceptionally good at moving towards food.

Charlie Powell, spokesman for WSU’s veterinary hospital said; “I don't know whether he'd pass the hare, but he moves around very well.”

Meanwhile in Kansas Hope the giraffe who was born with ‘back to front’ rear feet can now walk after being fitted with a set of heeled plywood shoes. After a year in the special footwear used to correct the defect she can now walk unaided.

A spokesman from Topeka Zoo, Kansas said;

“It is fantastic to see Hope walking completely normally now. One of her favorite things to do is chase squirrels and birds.”

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