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Angler bitten by fish with human teeth

13th January 2011

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A shocked angler in the US was bitten by a fish with human-looking teeth.

Fishing on Lake Wylie, South Carolina, Frank Yarborough was attacked by the 5lb and nearly 1ft 8ins long fish he had just caught.

Assuming it was a catfish, he scooped his hand in the water to pull it out, only to find his fingers clamped between what appeared to be a set of dentures.

Talking to WBTV Stroud said, “This fish is more than likely a common species of Pacu, Colossama macropomum, originating from the Amazon River basin of South America and is quite common in the aquarium trade."

The fish is currently in a freezer in Stroud’s home and he is not going to eat it.

Pacus, a distant relative of the piranha, is a warm water fish, and not native to Lake Wylie. Biologists believe it was probably raised in an exotic fish tank and released when it got too large for the tank.

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