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Police chase UFO down the street


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A flying saucer isn't something you see everyday (unless you're a local to Area 51, or so conspiracy theorists would have us believe.)

But people in Gorey, Ireland, ended up getting very close to a 10ft alien craft, as it toured the Main Street with the Garda following behind.

Now, don't get too excited. This doesn't prove aliens are real. Turns out, this UFO is actually just part of an art installation.

The installation’s designer, Ali Kemal Ali, originally from Islington in north London, managed to rope in the police to take part in a blue-light chase through the town, hence the sirens in the video.

The UFO and resulting chase was all part of a ploy to raise awareness of a local youth and arts festival.

Weirdly enough, no aliens were spotted during the chase.

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