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Not getting a good night's sleep? Experts tell you how, today from 2pm

26th February 2015

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Always nodding off in lectures and then crying out for a nap all afternoon?

We feel your pain, deeply. Being sleepy all day is no fun, but unfortunately it’s a scourge for most of us – and busy days, late nights and a mountain of endless work is hardly going to help the situation.

Add a dose of quick food and unhelpful booze to the mix, and it’s likely that you’re heading for an afternoon slump, oh… right about now. If you haven’t been struggling to keep your eyes open already this morning, that is.

If this is the case, we’ve got some help for you. We’ve called in sleep expert Kathleen McGrath and former athlete Roger Black, and they’ll be answering questions in a live web-show from 2pm today – everything from how to switch off from daily pressures of life, to what you can do if you have trouble sleeping and how to break poor sleep patterns.

If you want to submit a question for Kathleen and Roger, just let us know in the box below, or tweet us @NationalStudent with the hashtag #StudioTalkTV

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