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This may or may not be a video of Professor Green slapping a student at Durham freshers' ball

6th October 2014

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If you’re performing at a freshers’ ball and one of the assorted students attending decides to call you a cunt, we can see that you might get fairly annoyed. Annoyed enough to slap said student round the head, though?

We can’t fully ascertain what is going on in this video, but according to the internet (the the Daily Mail, who are OUTRAGED by the suggestions of pesky freshers’ week alcohol consumption) it shows Prof. Green slapping a drunken student at Durham’s Welcome Ball at the beginning of his live set.

No one seemed that perturbed by the supposed slapping, least of all Prof. Green, who basically then just got on with the show.

Durham hasn’t commented, and as far as we know the student in question is hiding away and pretending that that really just didn’t happen.

Without further commentary, here’s the video so that you can decide for yourself what the heck was going on.

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