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Student named Christian Gray films couple having sex outside his flat after hearing noises that sounded

15th August 2014

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Sometimes news happens that we couldn’t make up even on our most creatively inspired days, and when it does we are eternally glad for the weirdness of the human beings who continually make it onto our news feeds.

When an Anglia Ruskin student was awoken at 1am one night last week by groaning noises outside his bedroom window, he was more than a little bit worried. As you would be, we suppose.

He was so worried, in fact, that he described the noise as sounding like “some kind of monster.”

And it was, of a sort – because when said student whipped open his curtains and peeked outside, what he allegedly found was a couple creating the beast with two backs against an opposite wall.

And if you don’t know what that slightly anachronistic phrase means – well, it means some good old fashioned shagging.

Instead of quietly putting his curtains back in place/digging out some headphones to block out the night-time carnal activity/letting out a massive whoop of admiration, the law student then decided that the best thing to do would be grab his camera and record the incident for posterity/internet lols.

He later said: “I could not really believe what I was seeing.

“I got all the guys over to have a look and I thought I better film this.”

He then added that it had “happened a week ago and we’re still laughing about it.”

Neighbourhood Watch at its pervy worst? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Oh yeah, and the guy’s name? Christian Gray.

It turns out the video doesn’t contain any actual sex though, just a couple of people stood next to a wall, so for all we known Christian Gray could be talking absolute guff in an attempt to get his seconds-long clip thousands of hits and his name in the Metro.

If you’d like to watch it anyway (you big, big voyeur) you can do so here.

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