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Little girl can't cope with the fact that her baby brother is going to grow up

30th July 2014

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You know those moments, when it just feels like the world is moving way too quickly and you’re suddenly a grown up without even realising it?

Well, spare a thought for five-year-old Sadie, who after a momentary realisation that her baby brother is in fact one day going to be as big as her, or maybe even bigger, has found herself in the midst of the kind of existentialist crisis that only very small children can muster.

Sadie is now officially the internet’s most shareable child (of this week at least) aided in no small part by her small, fluffy-haired sibling, who remains oblivious to the flat-out emotional breakdown that is going on throughout the 56 second clip.

Despite her little brother seemingly not being too bothered by proceedings, Sadie remains inconsolable. She just doesn’t want him to grow up, ok? Yeah she wants him to stay little forever... he’s so cute! Also, she doesn’t want to die when she’s a hundred – ok, mum? OH MY GOSH.

Sadie, we feel your pain.

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