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Chinese three-year-old wows Jet Li with dancing skills on TV talent show

22nd April 2014

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Let’s all take a moment to watch this video of Zhang Junhao, a snazzily dungaree-ed three-year-old who has just blown away the audience of what appears to be a Chinese version of Britain’s Got Talent with his impressive dancing skills.

Junhao appears to be particularly adept at the robot. And following that, as the judges point out, “there’s even martial arts.”

Oh, and one of the judges is Jet Li. Well, why not...

Junhao isn’t intimidated by this kung-fu mega-presence though. He’s too busy showing off his moves, which he informs us that he’s learnt by "dancing on the plaza" with his mum, dad, aunt and grandma – since he was ten months old. Fairly impressive.

He can even deal with his own (giant) speakers, which he expertly drags on stage before declaring that he will be “performing... and doing a ‘random dance.’”

Oh, and one more thing – why does he dance, Jet Li asks? Because he likes dancing, Junhao says. D’uh... and because it makes his mum laugh, and she says that laughing is happiness. And he wants to make everyone happy, because he’s happy already.

There’s a message for us all in there somewhere.

Take it away, Junhao...

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