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Leonardo DiCaprio dancing like your dad at Coachella

14th April 2014

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Seeing a world famous celebrity at a festival might be an exciting occurrence – but it’s even better when they’re doing something vaguely ridiculous.

So here’s a video of Leonardo DiCaprio at Coachella, awkwardly shuffling around in a field before losing his inhibitions and bouncing around all over the place.

He dances a lot like your dad/socially awkward uncle at a wedding.

But he is 40, so it’s probably forgivable.

We love it when celebrities do things like this, and prove that they’re actual human beings rather than designer-clad, smiling red carpet robots.

So hats off to Leo for allowing this happy bouncing to occur in a situation where being filmed, and quickly being uploaded to YouTube for viral content purposes, was very likely to happen.

Some are asking the question - is it or isn’t it Leo? We really would like to believe it is, so we’re going to go with it.

We hope he had fun. Thanks, Leo, for these delightful 14 seconds:

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