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Kids have absolutely no idea what to do with a Sony Walkman

14th April 2014

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“In the 1908s it was like, “Whoa!” Something that can play music and I can carry it around if I have a large pocket!”

What happens when you give a bunch of iPad-obsessed 21st Century kids a Sony Walkman, circa 1979, and ask them what they think should be done with it?

A whole lot of confusion (and a fair bit of derision), that’s what.

Cooper, aged six, has “no idea what this is” whilst nine-year-old Krischelle asks, “are these in the movies?”

Yes. Yes, they are. In really good movies, too.

Krischelle later expresses her sympathy with those of us who grew up with this apparent level of non-technology, saying that she “feels bad for the people who lived in the 90s.”

Ouch. Hit us where it hurts, Krischelle.

Even the 12 and 13 year olds don’t have a clue how to deal with the walkman. When she eventually manages to open it, 12-year-old Elle declares that she “feels like Indiana Jones, or something.”

Not all the kids are mystified, though – eight-year-old Samirah quickly confirms that “it’s a cassette player, right?”

She even (somehow) knows how to use it, and offers us this extremely helpful information: “You open it, put the cassette inside, close it, and then you press play!”

How does an eight-year-old even know what a “cassette” is? Surely “cassettes” vanished from public life and retired to the vaults of technological history before Samirah was even a twinkle in her mama’s eye?

It doesn’t matter. Give that kid a celebratory lollypop.

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