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Everything Wrong With Twilight In 6 Minutes Or Less

20th February 2014

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Despite being a fairly straightforward story (everything is cold, girl joins new school, falls in love with vampire, glowing, teenage moral dilemma, etc) Twilight does offer up a large number of very interesting questions.

Like - what is it about the pasty, largely boring, very introverted Bella that makes everyone so drawn to her?

Very good question. Ditto that other main character, who we heard is quite popular the world over despite being deathly pale and extremely creepy and living off human blood.

(We don’t know if Edward Cullen does actually live off human blood, because other than by posting this video we’ve been trying really hard to ignore Twilight since 2008.)

One more (very important) word on this, directed solely towards the makers of the Twilight Saga, before we leave you to relive installment number one with a suitably sarcastic commentary: continuity.

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