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Camera falls out of sky, encounters curious pig on landing

12th February 2014

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Ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of a camera that has been dropped from a plane and is plummeting towards the earth at an alarmingly fast rate?

Well, we might have the answer. Maybe.

The video presents us with many questions.

Like, why would the camera have survived? Did the owner somehow manage to track it down, or is the internet-savvy person who uploaded it (Mia Munselle, no previous YouTube activity) a genuine pig farmer? How does everyone know the camera is a GoPro? How did it manage to land at such a perfect angle, directly in line of the sun, giving the pig excellent back-lighting? Did it really survive eight months in a dirty pig pen? Should said pig farmer be investigated for not adequately cleaning their pig pen for eight whole months?

Also, as YouTuber Maisie Jane has wisely asked:  “But isn't it really irresponsible to just drop objects out of a plane? We wouldn't be raving about the footage if it'd landed on the pigs head and killed it... Would we?”

I think on some level, Maisie, that we would. It’s a sick, sick world out there.

In conclusion, we think this video is probably fake - but we’re going to show it you anyway.

Our favourite moment is when the pig appears and gives the camera a sniff. Because, well, why wouldn’t you if an object mysteriously fell out of the sky and into your pen?   


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