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Teenage Riot: Athens

10th November 2011

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Yesterday as we took to the streets again in opposition of the coalition's education policies, our good friends over at VICE premiered the latest in their Teenage Riot series, this time looking at what recently kicked off in Athens, Greece.

Man on fireThings in Greece are pretty screwed, and people are pretty angry. We mean REALLY angry!

VICE correspondents travelled to Athens in October this year, on the eve of the biggest strike since the right wing Junta was overthrown almost three decades ago. Upon arrival, VICE met up with the people behind the strikes, the students, anarchists, trade unionists, and the communists. 

In the three-part series, VICE heads to the centre of Athens, equipped with gas masks and cameras, to document the unrest in the capital.   In 2009 national debt threatened to turn Greece into a failed state, jeopardizing the stability of the Euro along the way.  Europe scrabbled together billion dollar bail-outs, but they came with orders of austerity, which have left the Greek citizens hopeless and jobless. In October this year, another series of austerity measures were announced for the country, and a two-day general strike was called. 

On the 19th October, Greece’s 48 hour strike began, and VICE correspondents were there to capture the scenes of what looked like a modern day civil-war erupting.  Greece was at the centre of a European tragedy, and our correspondents waded through the hoards of discontented Greeks, and battled through waves of noxious tear gas and Molotov smoke to capture the footage."

Check out Part 1



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