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Pascal and Mireille Bouget, the couple who quit their jobs to sail the world with strangers


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It’s something that we’ve all dreamed of doing - quitting our nine to five jobs to travel the world, and, seven years ago, Pascal and Mireille Bouget, a couple from Paris, did just that. An owner and manager for a precision mechanics company, Pascal, and his wife Mireille sold the company for a catamaran.

Now a crew of five, Pascal and Mimi sail the world with their son Swann, Shitzu Plume and cat Beepbeep, both adopted on the journey. But they aren’t alone. What makes their lifestyle even more unique is that they sail with strangers.

Pascal Bouget, a 46-year-old engineer from Britanny, had worked hard for his success - yet something seemed missing.

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Before they made the life-changing decision to ditch their day jobs, Pascal and Mimi had little free time from their company to travel. Having spent 15 years as a manager, for Pascal the choice to discover the world by boat seemed long overdue.

In 2012, Pascal and Mireille sold the company and set sail for Mauritius, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, where they launched a new company. However, this was not enough adventure for the Bougets.

They purchased a new vessel, a 17-metre catamaran (Marquise 56) named Coyote, which would be their home for the foreseeable future.

In the past seven years, the family have explored the likes of Madagascar, the Tuamotus, the Archipelagos of Roquees, and Aves in Venezuela - but Mauritius remains their favourite.

“Sea life has so much to offer compared to life on land, where the routine is always present. In addition, we especially like to be away from this consumer society that is difficult for us to live (in) and does not suit us,” says Pascal.


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Their son Swann, who was only seven years old when they left France, receives a great education by CNED under the French Academy, but, most importantly, his knowledge is enriched by the discovery of new countries and different people.

“The unique and very rich experience of this life gives him today a very broad open-mindedness,” says Pascal.

Their little family expanded when they adopted a two-month kitten named Beepbeep in Mauritius, and again, when Plume, a tiny Shitzu and fully-fledged member of the team, embarked in Martinique.

While you might expect life onboard to be an adjustment at times, they claim that all sides of life onboard, on the whole, are positive. Although the distance from family and sailing in difficult sea and wind conditions can be challenging, such moments pass swiftly.

Piracy and extreme weather conditions are occasionally a concern, but the now-experienced sailors study their destinations carefully, optimising windows in the weather conditions, and they have great confidence in their vessel, which has excellent marine qualities and is maintained to ensure maximum security.

While sailing the world offers unique freedom and independence, maintaining the boat to its excellent condition can be costly, particularly as the boat expands to accommodate their family and guests. With a passion for meeting new people and to support their boat maintenance, in 2016, the Bougets listed their catamaran on the online boat hire platform Click&Boat  which connects them to other sailing enthusiasts who then join them onboard.


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The activity “charter” aboard the Coyote offers a significant financial contribution but, most importantly, Pascal explains, “We can enjoy unforgettable moments with our guests, who are happy to travel with us and share a little piece of our lives.”

Becoming part of the family, while they exchange knowledge and experiences, and have formed lifelong friends.

When asked if they have ever had moments where they regret their decision, Pascal responds, “Never again, because the catamaran trip brings us much more in life than a simple earth life.”

The Bougets plan to rest in the paradise of French Polynesia, an archipelago of 118 islands, for the next two years. Next in their sights are Samoa, Fiji and New Caledonia, to the west, and two to three years in Asia. Then, the family will sail onto the Indian Ocean to uncover the beauties in the Seychelles and reunite with their old friends in Mauritius, if the cyclonic seasons allow.

Read more about their catamaran on their website and track their journey on their blog.

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