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The best travel experiences from six travel bloggers


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Wondering where to go on your next holiday abroad? Or do you fancy adding a new country to your travel bucket list?

Whenever I am looking for my next travel destination, in addition to browsing the popular travel guides and watching a few travel vlogs, I ultimately turn to travel bloggers to help me decide where to jet off to next.

I spoke to some of my favourite travel bloggers about their best travel experiences abroad.

So, if you are searching for a new country to visit, look no further than this list of travel blogger approved destinations.

1. Tokyo, Japan

“Ever since I was a little girl I’d been dreaming about visiting Japan, and finally making that dream come true was beyond amazing," says Nele from The Navigatio.

Image credit: Ivan Davydenko on Unsplash

"Being in Tokyo, everything surpassed my wildest expectations. The atmosphere was amazing, the food was incredible and I felt really “at home”, even though I was literally on the other side of the planet," Nele says.

What Nele admires so much about Japan is the large variety of things to do suited to everyone.

"While some parts are busy metropolitan cities filled with the latest high-tech inventions, other parts are beautifully quiet and filled with the more traditional side of Japan. Temples and shrines that feel like you’ve stepped back a thousand years in time,” she says.

Amita Kundlani, who writes about her travel at Amerz With Love, agrees that Japan was one of her favourite trips. "It was filled with genuine, kind people who were always willing to help with whatever the problem," she says.

"The public transport system was safe and there was a lot of security everywhere in case of emergencies. We also had one of our friends who is Japanese to guide us around the country, which was a massive help! If you're looking to travel to a country but are unsure of how to guide yourself around, you should definitely book with a tour guide as you'll be surrounded by people all the time and they will be able to guide you everywhere,” she adds.

2. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Kachee from Kachee Tee recalls“One of my favourite trips has been to Abu DhabiAlthough Dubai is a more common destination in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, which is under two hours by car from Dubai, was exciting and memorable!"

Image credit: Junhan Foong on Unsplash

Although she visited the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Yas Island and Ferrari World, the highlight for Kachee was the Desert Safari.

However, Kachee recommends that before embarking on travel and tourist activities, travellers should research cultural laws and customs. "On this trip, I had no clue that ladies were required to be fully covered when visiting the Mosque.”

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mum and travel blogger The Diary of Dittrich visited Amsterdam in the spring.

"We did our research first and found activities to book in advance and also pre-booked shows and restaurants which not only saved us time but also made sure we could do what we wanted," she says.

Image credit: sabina fratila on Unsplash

"The first time we went to Amsterdam we just went head first and didn’t research into any of it which made it a stressful trip and also expensive. It was the best holiday I’ve had as it was just so easy and stress-free,” she adds.

4. Zibo, China

Nikita, who has recorded her experiences living in four different countries at Gone with Nikita recalls, When I was studying in Shandong, China, on a British Council scholarship, I befriended some Chinese university students and we went back to their hometown one weekend."

Image credit: quyunshuo on Unsplash

"Going to Zibo meant that we were able to see small-town life, and we went into the countryside to a fish farm where our lunch was caught in front of us! We saw people selling their wares at the side of dirt-track roads, and measuring out fresh produce using an old-style Chinese scale.” 

5.    Lima, Peru  

Blogger Jess from Road To Culturedom ranks Peru as one of the friendliest destinations she has visited.

Image credit: Tom Cleary on Unsplash

Peru has Machu Picchu which is an incredible World Wonder, plenty of other incredible natural sights including the Inca Sacred Valley and the 'Rainbow Mountain' which is the prettiest mountain I've hiked!"

Jess praises the Peruvian cuisine and the friendliness of locals, who are willing to show you a good time because they love their country.

Before you book your tickets to any of the above destinations, check out The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s A – Z country guides for essential travel information particular to each country.

The best travel experiences are always the safest and least stressful so make sure to research travel tips, abide by cultural laws, plan your activities in advance and get to know the local people.

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