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Digital detox destinations: six destinations designed for unplugging


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Earlier this month, the National Day of Unplugging saw people from all around the globe trade in screentime for experiencing life the natural way. However, unplugging should not be limited to just one day per year.

Travelling is the ultimate form of digital detox, an immersive cultural and personal experience where young people can soak in raw sights and new adventures... and not through trawling an Instagram location tag.

Image courtesy of StudentUniverse

According to the GlobalWebIndex 2018 report, on average, around one in every three minutes spent online is devoted to social media networking and messaging. The report found that the most digital-savvy group, 16 to 24 year-olds, are motivated by a desire to “fill up spare time”.

However, fully committing to a digital detox may be more difficult than it seems at first glance.

With this in mind, StudentUniverse has compiled a list of six ultimate digital detox destinations which are certain to make unplugging that little bit easier.

1. Trek through Wi-Fi free Madagascar

When your days are jam-packed with exploring the Antsirabe by rickshaw, canoeing the Matsiatra River or roaming the countryside by bicycle, there is little need for excessive screentime.

In Madagascar, rather than scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you can hike through remote villages to meet the friendly Bara and Betsileo people who may share with you their rich oral storytelling traditions or teach you to dance the kilalaky.

2. Discover penguins at the end of the earth 

Image credit: MemoryCatcher on Pixabay

Antarctica, the world's least visited continent, is designed for those seeking a digital detox.

When you join the ranks of leopard seals and penguins surrounded by icecaps and towering glaciers, there is no chance of suffering from FOMO. 

3. Ascend to Everest’s base camp 

A rigorous and demanding adventure, the climb to Mount Everest's base camp requires your undivided attention.

You can brag upon your return, but while you are braving the aptly-named "steps to heaven", the vast forests, Sherpa villages and glacial moraines are more than enough to satiate your senses.

After all, around every bend in the trail, there is another memorable moment waiting.

4. Journey through East Africa

Image courtesy of StudentUniverse

Student Universe's adventure to East Africa is suited to students eager to immerse themselves in the habitats of some of the world's most impressive animals. Rather than surfing the web, you can glide over the Jinha River or soak in the vastness of Serengeti and Masai Marah.

Don't miss out on spying the rare mountain Gorillas living in Uganda's dense forest.

5. Discover true happiness in Bhutan 

Tucked away in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is ideal for an escape from hectic everyday life.

A myriad of Buddhist monasteries, fortresses, and remote villages and shrines, be as prepared to get lost in Bhutan's peaceful nature trails as in the lectures of the Buddhist monks living in the monasteries. 

The cliff-side Taktang Monastery is especially mind-boggling.

6. Costa a thrill-seeker’s paradise

Image credit: pacificazure on Pixabay

If you are keen on filling your new spare time with blood-pumping experiences, Costa Rica is the destination for you. Raft along the Pacuare River rapids, mountain bike in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano or surf the Carribean swell.

The action-packed adventure to San Jose leaves no moments for mindless scrolling.

For more information on StudentUniverse, and the trips available on the Student Universe website.

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