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Revealed: The 10 most liveable cities for 2018


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When choosing a new city to live in there are so many factors to consider, from political stability and crime levels to the culture and quality of public transport, that it may seem impossible to find the perfect location. Fortunately, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has come to the rescue with the release of the 2018 edition of its annual Global Liveability Index.

The Global Liveability Index ranks 140 cities from around the world based on over 30 metrics which cover five extensive categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. After in-depth research and analysis, each metric is scored from one to 100, with 100 considered as representative of an ideal level of liveability.

This year, several contenders from Australia, Canada, and Japan are high up in the rankings, but European countries have also scored highly. If you have ever considered moving abroad, get packing, because these cities are the world's most desirable destinations to live in.

10) Adelaide, Australia

The capital city of South Australia comes in at number ten with full marks for its healthcare and education system.

People are drawn to Adelaide by its Mediterranean climate accentuated by its proximity to stunning beaches, affordability (weekly rent is nearly half the price of that in Sydney), and world-class wineries.

9) Copenhagen, Denmark

Credit: Pixabay on Pexels

As well as its education system, Copenhagen’s infrastructure is considered to be ideal. In other words, if you are looking for a city with perfect public transport, high availability for good quality housing, excellent telecommunications, and other significant social factors, Copenhagen is the place to live.

7) Tokyo, Japan and Toronto, Canada

Tokyo and Toronto receive equal scores in the overall liveability ratings, and each has been awarded full marks for stability, healthcare, and education.

This means that the Japanese mega-metropolis and Canada’s most populous city are both deemed to have notably few incidences of petty or violent crime and a low perceived threat of terror, military conflict, and civil unrest.

Tokyo. Credit: Ben Cheung on Pexels

6) Vancouver, Canada

In sixth place is another Canadian gem, the coastal city of Vancouver. It is the only city to receive the maximum score of 100 for culture and environment, which means that it is considered to have a perfect climate, low level of corruption, and social or religious restrictions. Furthermore, there is a great sporting and cultural availability. It is rated highly for food and drink, perfect for the gourmands among us!

Vancouver offers something for both the cosmopolitans and the outdoorsy types, all thanks to its 30 kilometres of pathway along the seafront and its renowned Stanley Park, stationed not far from the bustling metropolis.

5) Sydney, Australia

Credit: Patrick McLachlan on Pexels

Despite its high living costs, the most populous Australian city, Sydney, comes in at number five due to its ideal healthcare and education systems and infrastructure.

Why is Sydney so enticing? Simply put, the sun is dazzling most days, contributing to an infectious healthy culture and countless beaches waiting to be discovered.

4) Calgary, Canada

The third and final contender from Canada sees itself in fourth place. Calgary, a lesser known Canadian city, obtains full marks for all categories bar culture and environment.

The city prides itself on its beauty, clean air, and the notable can-do attitude of its residents.

3) Osaka, Japan

Credit: Amy Chandra on Pexels

In third place is the third-largest city in terms of its population. Japan's Osaka is an economic hub, very well-connected, and offering a vibrancy which will ensure you never bore of the bustling city.

2) Melbourne, Australia

After seven years as the world’s most liveable city according to the EUI, Melbourne has finally been knocked down to second place.

Nevertheless, the city is an extraordinary place to live. Its desirable features are endless: an outstanding café culture, the balance of nature and city, fascinating open-air markets, an accessible tram network, sporting events, and friendly residents are just a handful of reasons why Melbourne is the ideal place to live.

1) Vienna, Austria

Credit: Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash

The top spot is won by Austria’s capital Vienna, which scores a huge 99.1 points out of 100.

Vienna's impressive score reflects its relative affordability compared to the likes of London, thriving music and nightlife culture, and extraordinary Viennese cuisine. The city is notably safe to live in, also presentable in its cleanliness and beautiful architecture. With international accessibility and residents keeping a liberal, open-minded outlook, Vienna is the most liveable city in Europe and in the world.

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