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Earth’s natural hot tubs: 10 of the most sensational hot springs around the world


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The weather is gradually growing colder. While we begin to adjust to the growing autumn chill, let's explore the world's most spectacular hot springs. These handpicked springs are the earth's natural hot tubs, famed for their wildlife, architecture, scenic views, and spectacular mineral baths.

1. Szechenyi Baths, Budapest

Credit: Civertan on Wikimedia Commons

Let's start with a destination famous for its public baths. Szechenyi is one of Budapest’s most popular baths, one of the largest in Hungary and the rest of Europe. Szechenyi newly hosts raves and parties popular with tourists who can dance night-long in their swimwear in the warmth of the natural springs.

Szechenyi has more than hot baths too: full-sized swimming pools, Ice Baths, Wave Simulators and more. It’s a great place for explorers of all ages.

2. Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park, Australia

This small hidden gem in the vast woodland of Parl in Australia's Northen Territory is a relatively unexplored destination perfect for backpackers and adventurers alike. The big attraction of the Douglas hot springs is the variety of wildlife including bandicoots, quolls, and even the rare flying fox fish.

3. Deception Island, Antarctica 

Credit: Andrew Shiva on Wikimedia Commons

These truly stunning hot springs are set within an ice-cold landscape. The blend of ice and snow with volcanic heat is what makes these springs such a popular destination with travellers. It is an encounter rarely experienced anywhere else on the globe.

4. King’s Spring, Bath, United Kingdom

If you're looking to explore hot springs closer to home, then King’s Spring in Bath is ideal. Located within the Roman Bath Museum in the centre of town, the water in King's Spring is around 35 degrees Celsius. The surrounding structures were built during the 12th century, still displaying many original features such as statues and stonework. It is well worth a visit and much more accessible to UK residents.

5. Filwoha Hot Springs, Ethiopia 

Heading over to a new continent, the Filwoha Springs in Ethiopia in Africa attract local wildlife such as dik-diks, Nile alligator, and waterbucks, as well as many people seeking retreat in the mineral-infused natural hot spring.

6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Credit: Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Perhaps one of the most well-known and popular tourist hot springs is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Its popularity has been aided by the wonderful landscape of Grindavik, making Blue Lagoon arguably one of the most spectacular places on earth. Its bright blue waters contrast against the white snow and ice, forming a sight not to be missed.

7. Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica

These hot springs are situated in the Northern Lowlands of Costa Rica within a peaceful and picturesque setting. The springs merge natural wonders including volcanic warmth, free-flowing hot spring waters, and fresh rainforest air. Nearby, local towns such as La Fortuna and Sarchi are open for exploration, making it the ideal place to emerge yourself in ancient Costa Rican heritage and culture.

8. Yufuin Onsen, Japan 

Credit: Matthew Kane on Unsplash

The foot of Mount Yufu in Oita homes the truly magnificent Yufuin Onsen (Onsen meaning hot springs). With mountainous views over sweeping woodlands, this is one of the most scenic Onsens in Japan. Visitors of the baths have claimed that the springs have benefitted their skin by making it softer and smoother, but the most intriguing aspect of the springs is that you may just have to share the wonders with more than a few monkeys.

9. Mystic Hot Springs, Utah, USA

Set in a quiet little valley, very few people know of the existence of Utah's Mystic Hot Springs. The springs are situated overlooking multiple fish ponds which house tropical fish of all kinds. It is a unique and mystical experience, deserving of its title.

10. Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA 

The Pagosa Springs are surrounded by 3 million acres of woodland so if you really want a getaway in the middle of nowhere, this is the perfect place. The springs are said to have healing and medicinal powers, plus they are open all year round - truly a best-kept secret.

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