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6 unique bridges around the world


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Travellers journey to far-reaching countries for delicious food, incredible natural beauty, vibrant cultures and... bridges?

More and more tourists are crossing miles and seas to visit bridges that are truly architectural wonders, in countries from Vietnam to France. Pieces of beauty and history, a walk on any of these high rise structures will give you an unforgettable view and insight into the rich culture of the region these bridges inhabit. Here's the National Student's round-up of six unmissable bridges around the world: 

1. Golden Bridge, Vietnam

Photograph by Junaidrao via Flickr Creative Commons

Vietnam’s new edition to the global bridge scene has arrived in the form of a golden bridge held up by giant hands. The structure sits over 1400 metres above sea level, amongst the Ba Na Hills. The enormous pair of stone hands have a weathered effect, which ties them into the natural, forested backdrop. Pedestrians can lean against the glimmering golden rails as they are presented with a breathtaking view of central Vietnam.

2. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, China

Photograph by אביהוד via Wikimedia Commons

Billed as the world’s longest and tallest glass bridge, this exhilarating crossing provides people the opportunity to look directly into the deep valley below, making it the perfect place to conquer your fear of heights. Not only a means of getting from a to b, the bridge has also been used as a venue for special events, such as a catwalk in a recent fashion show.

3. The 25th of April Bridge, Portugal

Photograph by Max Bashyrov via Flickr Creative Commons

Bringing a touch of California to Europe, Portugal’s The 25th of April Bridge is reminiscent of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge’s name is a reference to the Carnation Revolution, a military coup that took place in Lisbon in 1974, allowing a part of the city's rich history to be embodied in its architecture.

4. Living Root Bridges, India

Photograph by Ashwin Kumar via Flickr Creative Commons

Serving as a contrast to these other man-made bridges, the Indian village of Cherrapunji is home to a series of bridges that have formed themselves out of living tree roots. Instead of traditional materials such as stone, the Ficus elastica tree's (rubber tree) roots have been moulded into a walkway fit for humans. In fact, these bridges are sturdier than they may initially seem, and can hold the weight of up to 50 people at a time.

5. The Ponte Vecchio, Italy

Photograph by Sockmister via Flickr Creative Commons

As well as being used as a walkway, this Italian Medieval stone structure is also home to a number of souvenir shops and jewellers. The shops date back to the 13th Century, however, they used to be a wide variety of stores, including butchers and fishmongers.

6. Millau Viaduct, France

Photograph by Richard Munckton via Flickr Creative Commons

At over 1100 metres above the ground, France’s Millau Viaduct stands as the world’s tallest bridge. Taller than the Eiffel Tower itself, this viaduct provides a stunning view of the southern French countryside for drivers.

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