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Less Slacking, More Packing: How to pack more efficiently


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Summer is finally upon us and for once the UK has been giving us the sun and the heat we so long for at this time of the year. Nevertheless, many of us are still packing our bags and jetting off to broaden our horizons and top up our tans.

Unfortunately, airport admin is the necessary evil of summertime globe-trotting. Here are some packing hacks to make the experience more seamless than stressful.

1. Cube roots

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Packing cubes make organising your luggage a walk in the park; pre-plan your outfits and put each one into a cube, or sort your clothes so that you have one cube for t-shirts, one for shorts etc. There will be no rummaging around in the darkest corners of your luggage for that tiny bikini top anymore, and as a bonus, your clothes are less likely to end up crumpled up and creased, therefore eliminating the need to navigate questionable hotel irons.

2. Roll up, roll up

Forget folding; when you just can't part with those summer staples but not even sitting on your suitcase gets that zip securely fastened, rolling is the way to go. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits...the tighter you roll, the less space they'll take up.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff

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Shoes can take up a lot of space inside a suitcase, especially if you're only travelling with hand luggage when size is limited and room is at a premium. Make the most of the space inside your shoes by stuffing them with small items of clothing like socks and underwear to squeeze every last inch out of your luggage.

4. Hot wheels

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When travelling with both a carry on and cabin baggage, it's worth investing in 4-wheeled suitcases. Unlike 2-wheeled ones which get pulled along behind you, one in each hand, 4-wheeled cases can be placed back-to-back and simply pushed along with one hand. This leaves you with a free hand for all the travel admin that comes with flying.

5. Handle with care

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Whilst "fragile" stickers don't often guarantee that your case will be handled with care, airport insiders have suggested that they do make it far more likely for your case to be placed on the top of the pile - making it one of the first to be loaded up onto the conveyor belt at arrivals and therefore reducing your waiting time so you can zip through security before the queues hit.

6. Game of phones

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Most airlines now have apps from which you can download your boarding pass onto your phone. It's still probably a good idea to print a copy out as a backup to tuck away just in case, but having it on your phone - which you'll likely be using anyway - means you have one less thing to carry around and keep track of as you go through the various stages of security. 

7. Beach bums

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Many budget airlines only allow you to take one piece of luggage as a carry-on, but don't always count bum bags as one. Storing your travel essentials such as your passport, phone, purse, and tickets in a bumbag around your waist makes them easily accessible and saves you the hassle of rummaging through your whole case at security. They can also be discreetly tucked underneath a big sweatshirt if you're travelling with a particularly stingy airline.

8. Let's wrap things up

Individually wrap your tangle-prone pieces of jewellery in clingfilm before packing them. This means you can not only fold them up neatly, but also ensures they won't get knotted together in your bag.

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