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You can now take a Beyonce and Jay-Z tour at the Louvre


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The Louvre is now offering a 90-minute tour to showcase the artwork featured in the couple's music video for The Carters' new singleApesh*t, which was filmed at the museum.

The tour, which the museum calls a "thematic trail," aims to show off the 17 artworks that were featured in the music video, including Jacques Louis David’s The Coronation of Napoleon, Marie-Guillemine Benoist’s Portrait d’une négresse and the famous Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa.

Currently, the tour is only available to take Wednesday through Sunday, however, for those visiting on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Louvre is offering a map highlighting the artworks seen in the video, so fans are still able to retrace the couple's footsteps.

Apesh*t is the first single from The Carter’s new album EVERYTHING IS LOVE, which to fans' delight, was unexpectedly released in June.

The six-minute long music video for the single shows the couple alongside various paintings and sculptures that are on display at the museum.

On the Louvre's website, information about the tour is provided, including the order of the artwork and directions through the museum to discover the iconic pieces. Unfortunately, the tours are currently all in French and are self-guided, so if you or anyone you know speaks French, now would be the best time to put it to use!

This is not the first time the Louvre has conducted a celebrity-related tour. 

In May 2016, shortly after released a 12-minute documentary titled at the Louvre, and a music video for his song Mona Lisa Smile, the museum created a guided tour that highlighted collections from the Department of Decorative Arts.

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