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Top 10 sites to see in Jerusalem


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Jerusalem is a city famed for its religious importance, as it holds a cherished place in the hearts of those who identify as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim.

While this religious importance is undeniable and can be seen in the city itself, Jerusalem offers so much more! Delicious food, mesmerising sites, and exhilarating markets are all available in the heart of Isreal.

Beyond the city's famed ties to religion, there lies a deep connection to history and an obvious passion for beauty. While meandering around you will pass centuries-old buildings, famed religious houses, museums advertising beautiful artwork and alley stalls and markets filled with eye-catching jewellery and clothing.

Here is our list of the top sites you have to see on your next visit.

1. The Wailing Wall

Situated in the Old City, the Wailing Wall is a must see when you're in Jerusalem! The only remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem, it is considered an extremely holy place by the Jewish population.

The wall dates from around the 2nd Century BCE, though the upper sections were added at a later date, and now forms part of a larger wall that surrounds the Muslim Dome of the Rock.

While in Jerusalem, join the tradition long passed down by visitors to the site by writing a prayer or wish on a piece of paper and wedging it into a crack in the wall.

2. The Kotel Tunnels

Your visit to the Wailing Wall won't be complete without a trip through the Kotel Tunnels; a series of underground passages that reveal unseen sections of the Wailing Wall, as well as new archaeological discoveries including ritual baths and the Great Bridge from the Second Temple.

Improve the tour even more with innovative virtual models, showing how the eclectic streets of Ancient Jerusalem used to look.

3. Yad Vashem

This official memorial site of the millions of Jews who fell victim to the Holocaust is a key site to check out while on your trip. Great for history buffs and everyday tourists alike, it will offer insight into the tragedy that befell a people.

You will leave both informed and humbled by what you see, and will undoubtedly be better equipped to handle the topic and discuss what you learned with those around you. 

4. Mount of Olives

Historically, this site was filled with ancient olive trees, hence the name. It is greatly valued by Christians who believe it was the site where Jesus encouraged his disciples and gave them instructions for after his crucifixion. The Mount of Olives is also home to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is believed to have spent his last night praying before Judas betrayed Him, leading to His crucifixion. 

In modern times, it is the perfect location to get the best pictures of Jerusalem, with unparalleled views of the Old City, the City of David and the Kidron Valley.

5. Dome of the Rock

This stunning building is one of oldest works of Islamic architecture, having been built in 691 AD. A UNESCO world heritage site, it is recognised as one of Jerusalem's most famous landmarks. It plays a key role as both an extremely important religious building, and a beautiful piece of architecture.

There are several rules you should know before visiting, which you can find here. Most importantly, all visitors must be appropriately dressed, carry their passports in case they are asked to identify themselves and must not carry weapons or sacred Jewish objects (E.g prayer book). 

6. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Not only a religious site - attracting Christians from all over the world - this place of worship will also fascinate those interested in history and architecture. Beautifully built in 326 AD, it has stood for centuries, before suffering multiple attacks which largely destroyed the original church. It was burned by the Persians in 614 and destroyed by the caliph al-Ḥākim Bī-Amr Allāh in 1009 AD. 

Finally, it was rebuilt by the Emperor Constantine IX Monomachus, with repairs made once again in the 12th Century during the Crusades.

7. Old City Market

Jerusalem's famous market, also known as Arab Souk, is a treat for the senses. 

Meander through the alleyways filled with stalls and take your pick from the varied selection, including beautiful clothes, delicate jewellery, detailed ceramics, rich coffee and delicious food.

Open every day from 8.30 am to 7 pm, this is certainly a trip you'll want to make while in the city.

8. The Cardo

The Cardo was Jerusalem's main street some 1500 years ago. It is home to many shops which sell artwork, spices, and jewellery. You will also find a selection of places to eat here, as well as some local artisan workshops.

In other parts of the Cardo, you will be able to see archaeological excavations from First and Second Temple Jerusalem. Sometimes you can even find performers around this part, dressed in period costume. 

9. City of David

The City of David is a treat for tourists of all ages. You will see fantastic sights, including Biblical Jerusalem, archaeological excavations which span thousands of years, the Gihon Spring and the Shiloah Pool, both of which are located underground. 

Those who are willing can walk through the knee-deep water found in King Hezekiah' 2,700-year-old water tunnel!

With adventure to be had both overground and underground, this is not a site you want to miss.

10. The Tower of David

This site is an all-rounder, with the guard room playing host to exciting permanent exhibitions which explore the story of the city, as well as specialised cultural events and temporary exhibits. 

Perhaps best of all, the tower offers visitors unbelievable 360-degree views of the whole of Jerusalem. Whether you're looking for a nice picture to commemorate your trip or you want to make your Instagram followers drool with envy, this is the spot for you!

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