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Tasting Jerusalem; the culinary capital of the Middle East


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A long-standing historical and cultural hub, the city of Jerusalem is now offering a new kind of experience – that of the culinary sort. Due to its specific geographic position, on the cusp of the Mediterranean, where east meets west, Jerusalem’s food scene is as eclectic as its community.

To celebrate the city’s dynamic food scene, its restaurants open their doors for the Jerusalem Open Restaurants Festival. The festival runs from 13th-17th November 2018 this year and offers food lovers and visitors a chance to explore street markets to the most high-class establishments.

Embracing flavours from all over the world, Jerusalem’s restaurants and kitchens offer a unique fusion of food.

Jerusalem’s most central market is Mahane Yehuda, ‘MachneYuda’ for locals, and is widely recognized as the symbol of all the communities of the city. The market also boasts an open-air gallery, brought to life by British-born Israeli artist Solomon Souza, which also contributes to Jerusalem’s massive arts scene.

Another place to check out once you are in town is the bustling Muslim Quarter, which offers a delightful view of the pomegranate towers and rich spices. Check out our best picks for restaurants in the city:


This delicious gastro venue brings ideas, which are both old and new. The market has integrated itself within the city’s communities and has become the beating heart of Jerusalem’s food scene. With its signature supply of ground beef, pickled mango, grilled onions dates and spices, MachneYuda has made its name as the city’s signature restaurant.

Jacko’s Street

Similar to MachneYuda, Jacko’s Street makes great use of the market’s produce and uses its open style urban kitchen to the best of its ability to cook great dishes in front of guests.

Rooftop Restaurant

If you are looking for the finer things in your culinary life, don’t miss out on the Rooftop Restaurant of the Mamilla Hotel. The Rooftop offers unforgettable experiences with its varied menu of fresh natural ingredients, and stunning views of the Old City.

The Eucalyptus Restaurant

Situated minutes away from the Old City walls, the Eucalyptus restaurant delivers a truly intimate and memorable experience, for which it’s earned a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Israel. Eucalyptus reinterprets biblical cuisine by infusing spices and herbs to create truly zesty Middle Eastern dishes.

The Anna Restaurant

The Anna Restaurant is possibly the most unique place to eat in the city. Not only does it aim to serve quality Italian inspired foods, but it also works to make the lives of young people living in the community better.

The First Station

Situated in the vibrant Muslim Quarter, The First Station is a centre of leisure, culinary, tourism and events. While it used to be an old train station, it now boasts an impressive range of restaurants, cafes and drink bars.


Still a popular restaurant, Adom specialises in seafood and fresh fish and uses French and Italian influences in its dishes.


Once you get tired of all the brasseries, patisseries and ice cream parlours, stop for a scoop from Vaniglia’s fresh counter.

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Regardless of what you like to eat, the city of Jerusalem has it all, and welcomes cuisines from all over the world, making it one of the most culinary diverse cities in the world!

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