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Sleep in a transparent bubble at this Martinique ecolodge


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Part of the appeal of a tropical holiday is the opportunity to bask in the natural beauty of the destination. Le Domaine des Bulles maximizes their visitors’ enjoyment of their surroundings by offering a series of transparent bubble rooms as accommodation.

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Literally translated as the Domain of Bubbles, Le Domaine des Bulles is nestled on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, on the shores of the Vauclin Bay, in between Petite Grenada and Ravine Plate.

Le Domaine des Bulles offers a unique experience to each of their visitors, with a choice of four bubbles including:

The Air Suite – among the treetops looking out at the skyline, with an astronomical telescope to make the most of the view.

The Water bubble – in an aquatic world of forestation, creating what Le Domaine des Bulles des Bulles call a “new kind of Atlantis”.

The Mineral bubble – cocooned within large stone remains serviced by mineral water naturally carried by an old stone water tank.

All of the bubbles come equipped with a bed, a French shower, a private garden, either a private hot tub or pool, a mini bar, an air conditioner, and a handful of other "hotel" amenities.

And just in case you don’t want complete isolation from the modern world, each bubble also has free wi-fi access and USB plugs, so you can still post pictures to Insta #nofilter.

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Along with their unique residential rooms, Le Domaine des Bulles also offers locally sourced cuisine: seafood from the small fishing port on the island; and fruits and vegetables all grown on the island and bought fresh from the village market.

Aside from the private spas, there is a well-being space offering more relaxation services including massages, pedicures, manicures, and treatments all using natural and organic scrubs and products.

Prices start from €135 for one person/€150 for two on a weekday; and €145 for one person/€170 for two on a weekend, depending on the package and time of visiting.

Book your stay here (*

*When booking, it may help to have a French speaker to hand as only some of the pages can be translated currently, and only into English.

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