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How to visit New York in rain, sun or snow


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Stepping out of our Brooklyn apartment, we were greeted by a dappled grey sky and bitterly cold winds. In any other city, this may have dampened our spirits, but just one glance at the NYC skyline across the river was a reminder of the spectacular, bustling hub of culture and entertainment that awaited us.

Over the six days we spent in New York, we experienced all four seasons. From a stroll across Brooklyn Bridge with the hot sun on our backs to watching blizzards whip through the city from the window of an Upper East side coffeehouse. Our every action and activity was dictated by the unpredictable weather yet we managed to tick off most of the activities from our New York bucket lists.

So here are the top things to do in New York depending on the unpredictable weather that characterizes this region at the moment:

The sun’ll come out tomorrow

On a drizzly day in the big city, prioritize the indoor entertainment scene. A rainy day does not necessarily entail a museum day although, of course, the museums of New York are not likely to disappoint.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner serves all the American classics while the waiters and waitresses serenade the room. Enjoy a huge milkshake and experience the spectacular performances of these future Broadway stars. The cherry on top is that you can request your favourite songs!

You do not need sunshine for a Broadway show so take your pick among the huge variety of performances available. Wait out the miserable weather as the bright lights of Broadway dazzle you instead.

Sun and the City

When it is sunny, walk everywhere! Wander across Brooklyn bridge, get swept through Times Square amongst the tourist crowds, sunbathe in Central Park, grab an ice-cream and visit Washington Square Park – you can do it all!


Also make sure to visit some of the outdoor memorials across the city, including the Stonewall National Monument, the New York City Aids Memorial, and the 9/11 Memorial. Learning about the turbulent events and social revolutions which have characterized this city’s history will leave you with a better understanding of the incredible diversity and power amongst New Yorkers.

Wintertime in New York town, the wind blowin’ snow around

If you happen to get caught in the snowstorms which have recently plagued New York, do not despair. New York in the snow provides a beautiful new perspective of the city. The parks are transformed into glittering white wonderlands, the reflections of snowfall in the mirrored buildings become delicate icing sugar, and the whole city seems to change pace.

Of course, you can choose snowy days to visit museums and attend shows, but make sure to wander around this city on these wintry days. Also, check if the ice-rinks are open in Central Park, the Rockefeller Centre and Bryant Park for the most adorable afternoon.

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