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The new way to holiday: will technology take over?


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Do you know that feeling when you really want to get up and go somewhere, but at the same time you just can’t be bothered to get out of bed? 

Be it to that 9am lecture (that you SHOULD go to, by the way) or even meeting that friend that actually isn’t that important anymore (because staying home in your PJ’s is more attractive).

Well, how would you feel about going to a different country, exploring all the famous sights, enjoying that atmosphere and eating that country’s food – all while still in bed?

Okay, you can’t really do it in bed, at the moment at least, however a Japanese tour firm has done something as great as the above dream. They offer holidays with flights, a first or business class seat, 4 course meals and a 360-degree virtual reality tour of the country you ‘fly’ to! Yes, that’s right, you do all of the above, without actually leaving the ground.

As crazy as it sounds, the 2016 born tour firm named First Airlines has boomed in Japan and have had ‘flights’ to places such as Paris, New York and Rome. And the BEST part? It only costs around £50! They even have the check in desks, the departure boards, the safety demonstrations and the air hostess all ready to serve you on your VR holiday.

What do you think about this? I can see the benefits and the great opportunity for elderly and disabled to ‘visit’ places that are out of their reach and budget. Or would you settled for the traditional holiday where you actually go there and deep your feet into the sea? Is the world moving forward too fast, or is it something we should embrace?

I would like the idea of going on holiday while in bed though…

Whatever your thoughts on this, if you do decide to book a holiday, or go to Japan to do a VR trip to New York, be sure to check the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for safety travel advice and tips for a smooth journey, both in the air and in an airplane that doesn’t take off! (Also, don’t forget that our simple meds such as Vicks is illegal in Japan, so be SURE to check the FCO pages before you pack your bags!)

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