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Where to go for a great Year of the Dog


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The Chinese New Year started on February 16th and, like each year, there is an animal that represents it. The Chinese zodiac is on a 12-year cycle, and 2018 is ‘The Year of the Dog. 

To celebrate The Year of the Dog here are some places that you can visit to celebrate all things dog!

1. Dog sledding

If you fancy a dog-themed adventure then head somewhere cold and snowy and try out dog sledding. Some of the best-known destinations to visit for this are Alaska, Norway, Greenland and Sweden. Dog sledding with huskies is the best way to experience some of the world’s best frozen landscapes. If you’re someone who loves exhilarating activities and dogs, then this is perfect for you.

Dog Sledding

2. Dog-friendly hotels

If you love travelling but hate leaving your dog at home then why not check into a dog-friendly hotel? They cater for all your human and canine needs. It may not be exactly like the hotel from the movie Hotel for Dogs but it won’t be far off, with some hotels even offering massages for dogs and their owners. 

Popular accommodation websites such a, Trivago and have the option to filter your search for dog-friendly hotels. There's even a specific website for dog-friendly hotels called Pets Pyjamas Travel.

The Barkley Pet Hotel, Los Angeles has everything for your canine companions from flat-screen televisions, webcam access and custom furniture.

At the Actuel Dogs Hotel in Paris, dogs can expect to be treated to fine cuisine. Activites such hiking, biking, and jogging are also on offer to all dogs that stay at this hotel. 


3. Dog-friendly beaches

When we travel, we love to visit the beach, whether it’s to lay on the sand and sunbathe or to take a splash in the sea. But dogs also love beaches, and here are some of the best dog-friendly beaches in the world.

Fiesta Island off-leash dog park in San Diego, California - Most of this large sandy island is designated to dogs and they are free to run and splash around as much as they wish. 

Crikvenica, Croatia - This beach is Croatia’s first dog-friendly beach. The Monty’s Beach Bar offers ice creams and beers for you and your canine companions.

Noordwijk, Netherlands - If you’re looking for somewhere to walk your dog with a beautiful seaside view then head to this beach, located on the Netherland’s North Sea coast. With beautiful dog walking routes and dog-friendly cafes and restaurants along the way, it makes for the perfect day out.

Dog beach

4. Dog Cinema

Dog cinemas are now a thing and they’re huge! The PictureHouse Central cinema in London shows films that are dog-themed and offer dog treats and water bowls for each dog. Blankets are also given out to keep the cinema as fur free as possible. The best news is that dogs go free!

So even if you don’t have a dog, coming along to the cinema can be a great way to meet some fluffy friends and watch a movie at the same time. 

Swansea, Wales is another city to offer dog-friendly cinema screenings at Cinema & Co. The cinema will be showing the Disney classic Homeward Bound for pets and their owners to enjoy. 

5. Dog bus tour

Bus tours of London are popular amongst tourists, as they are a great way to see the sights without having to spend hours walking through the busy streets. And now there’s one specifically for dogs.

The tour shows owners the best of London’s dog-friendly parks and walking spots, allowing them to disembark the bus and go for a walk through parks such as Hyde Park and Green Park if they wish. The tour also consists of live onboard commentary for dog owners, with the host sharing all there is on London’s canine history. Guests will also be provided with a handy leaflet mapping dog-friendly pubs, bars and restaurants in the area.

6. Dog cafes

If you’re without a canine companion but are in need of some time to spent with dogs then head to a dog café. Designed for those with dogs to meet up and have a coffee whilst their pets have a doggy play date. Dog cafes are also popular amongst those who don’t own a dog. The Dog Café in Los Angeles, California is the first known dog café. And the café’s mission is to help rescue dogs get adopted into loving families. There are many dog cafes across the world from Bau House Café in Seoul, South Korea to Central Bark Café in Manchester, England (which of course is a play-on to the name of the café in Friends).

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