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Visit Grenada, the spice of the Caribbean


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Known as "The Spice of the Caribbean", Grenada is a beautifully sculpted haven filled with endless curiosity, charm and nature waiting to be explored.

St George’s Grenada

Volcanic origins have naturally marvelled a picturesque island encased with mountains, crater lakes, rainforests, bold blue seas and more. Renowned for the natural production of fruits, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar cane and cocoa, there are more spices per mile than any other place on earth. 

Situated just north of Trinidad and Venezuela in the south-eastern Caribbean, Grenada's capital city is St Georges, which exhibits colourful markets squares, petit outdoor watering holes and colonial architecture.

Two miles from the centre is the gorgeous Grand Anse Beach, made from a stretch of white sand bordering the calming blue water. Up on a ridge 800ft above sea level Fort Frederick offers panoramic views of the city, harbour and the hard-going Richmond Hill Prisons. The Natural Museum is home to rare valuables evidencing Grenadian life of centuries gone by and dockside warehouses and traditional shops sweetly surround harbour.

Grand Etang National Park is a breathtaking rainforest and a definitive highlight with bright topical flowers, an array of towering trees and unique landscape views as the mountains rise to 2757ft - river tubing is a great way to gently skim through the euphoric scenery from right inside the park. Explorers can witness the magic of Rainbow Eucalyptus tree which has a trunk made naturally of orange, shades of green and brown sitting tall next to a roadway glittering in the sun.

Several waterfalls are located around the island, but only few are open to the public. The Annandale Waterfalls are the easiest to find as they are accessible along a pathway and also by bus. Mount Carmel is third highest at 70ft and is around 3.6 miles south of Grenville. Hike 45 minutes through nutmeg and blissful banana plantations to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls or visit the Concords, comprising of three falls on the edge of the forest; all are striking to the eyes.

A couple of political street art pieces can be found in the mountains commemorating the countries libration as an established state, one image reading: "thank God for the U.S and Caribbean Heroes of Freedom", signifying America's assistance in becoming a free country - 40 years ago on the 7th February.

Hurricane Ivan destroyed huge parts of Grenada in September 2004, and although the island recovered the remnants are still visible as houses still lay in destruction. But the people are so optimistic and welcoming, waving to visitors around every corner, offering an organic sense of community - it's a natural breath of fresh air. Grenada is an uncommercial, laid-back country where residents chill-out roadside, conversing in the sunshine without any mobile devices on show, with ample nature waiting to be disovered, with all invited to do so.

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