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7 things to explore in Toronto


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This Canadian city has it all – from food markets, to skyscraper views, to island escapes.

Here are our top recommendations of what to do if you visit Toronto:

St Lawrence Market

Get lost in this enormous market and discover food from all over the world. From French crepes to Italian sandwiches to Japanese sushi, this market echoes the diversity of cultures present in Toronto. St Lawrence has everything you can imagine, including beautiful bakeries selling rum balls and crème brulee macarons, seafood restaurants, and even a stall selling a multitude of mustards, including maple-flavoured! 

Ward’s Island

This is unquestioningly the best place to see the Toronto skyline – a perfect picture opportunity. Take the ferry over for an afternoon stroll around the islands before spending happy hour at the Island café. Once you finish a refreshing (and seasonal) $5 pumpkin ale, wander over to the beach and watch the sun set behind the city, painting the sky a multitude of vibrant hues.


This museum houses many wonderful collections, including an extensive Canadian first nations exhibition which explores the histories of indigenous struggles as well as modern issues. The collection of dinosaur fossils was particularly impressive; walk in the shadows of enormous skeletal dinosaur models before entering the glittering gem exhibit on the same floor.


This art gallery caters to every audience. In the weeks preceding Halloween, there was a variety of family activities that inspired some very impressive costumes from visitors, as well as a special exhibition about Guillermo del Toro, known best for his involvement in a variety of horror and thriller films such as Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Crimson Peak.

CN Tower

Hop on the ear-popping elevator up to the CN Tower for the famous panorama view across the city. I would recommend going a short time before sunset so you can experience Toronto in the daytime then watch as the city lights up against the darkening sky. 

Kensington Market

This area contains a wonderful variety of thrift shops, international food restaurants and health food shops. In particular, I recommend The Golden Patty – a shop which could easily slip under your radar in this vibrant neighbourhood, but provides authentic Caribbean doubles which will leave you wanting more… 

Distillery District

Wander throughout the red-brick buildings of this brewing district. Sample some of the local beers, dive into a chocolate shop and make sure to visit Balzac’s – a café which looks as though it has been plucked right out of a Harry Potter set.

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