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Au pairing: the self-financing gap year alternative with great cultural benefits that can change your life

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For many the idea of going straight from university into work is unappealing. After all, by this point British students have gone from one education institution to another, gaining little knowledge or experience outside of a classroom. By the time university is finished the whole process can feel exhausting, and the idea of going straight into an office job utterly unbearable.



For others, despite their best hopes, a suitable job for their skill set and ambition has yet to be offered. Desperate to avoid getting stuck in a job they despise they are holding out hope for a better alternative, they are perhaps unclear on what this alternative could be.

If either of these situations sounds familiar then you are in luck, because we have the perfect alternative option!

Become an au pair.

While there are many sites that offer the opportunity to au pair, few can compete with AuPairWorld, which creates a safe community for au pairs and host families and allows potential au pairs to utilise its services for free. 

As a gap year alternative, being an au pair is a wonderful idea for those who need some time to think about their options and want to gain international skills while doing so. And in contrast to other gap year options, au pairing is basically self-financing.

You can travel to another country, immerse yourself deeply in the culture, take on an important childcare role in a local family, and learn the language of your host country.

Moreover, you can spend your free time exploring the country you're in from the secure base of your host family, where you'll be getting free board and lodging and be earning pocket money on top.

Learning the language of the country is both an impressive skill and a desirable asset on your CV. Additionally working abroad shows courage, initiative and adaptability, which all look good to potential employers.

Becoming an au pair is not only a great way to build up a CV and show employers a new side of yourself, it also gives you time to consider all your options in a safe environment. Not everyone knows what they want to do when they leave university, and even those that do are not always sure how to achieve their goals. By becoming an au pair you allow yourself time to think about what you want and strategise a way to get there, all while remaining employed and having an adventure.

AuPairWorld is an online agency that enables you to connect with host families from all over the world without having to pay any commission fees. Additionally, the site allows you to read testimonials from both host families and au pairs, thus widening your understanding of an au pair’s role, as well as the process of applying. 

Furthermore, the site helps potential au pairs set up profiles and look for host families, who they can then contact through AuPairWorld’s personal messaging service. 

With a proven track record, worldwide network, dedicated customer service team and positive testimonials from both au pairs and host families, AuPairWorld is a site any potential au pair should check out.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more here.

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