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Getting ready for Halloween? Check out the top 15 most haunted spots on earth


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Whether you're a believer or not, you can't deny that ghost stories and tales of haunted abodes aren't spine-tinglingly interesting, with countless reports over centuries of history claiming to have seen, heard and felt what we believed to be impossible things. 

Although there are countless spots all around the world with ghostly pasts and stories to tell, here are 15 of the spookiest that we could find... 


1. Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico 

This one is truly one for a horror movie. Legend has it that Julian Santen Barrera moved to the island near Mexico City in the 1950s, in search of a peaceful and reclusive retirement (the plot already sounds like a thriller, at least). 

Although he was unaware of it, the island had a dark past, cursed with the legend of three girls who had drowned in the 1920s whilst playing by the water, whose spirits were still said to remain (getting more and more ominous). 

Julian claimed that he was greeted by a small girl within days of his arrival (I am already screaming GET OUT NOW), and the kind-hearted man began to leave her dolls to play with, even sacrificing his food supplies in order to pay for them. 

Things began to escalate and Julian confided in his nephew, and told him that he was finding it increasingly difficult to please the girl and expressed his concerns that she had plans for him to join her in her fate. 

On this very day, his nephew arrived on the island and found Julian's body in the same spot where the girl had drowned 70 years before. 

To this day tourists claim to feel the doll's eyes watching their movements, and have heard their whispers at night. 

It turns out that the girl got what she wanted, as Julian's ghost has joined her in her haunting of the island. 


2. Tower of London

Perhaps one of the most famous haunted hideouts of the world is the place in which thousands have been executed since its building in 1078, and which has housed several bloodthirsty monarchs in its 900 years of history - most notably King Henry VIII.

One of the most suspiciously spooky tales that has emerged from the tower concerns the Duke of Gloucester, who is rumoured to have murdered his two nephews, princes who had been sent to the tower after being deemed illegitimate by parliament, and disappeared soon afterwards. It is believed that they roam the corridors of the castle hand in hand, dressed in nightgowns and adorning a chilling expression of terror. It's believed that two small skeletons were also found beneath a staircase in the White Tower, adding fuel to the fire. 

As well as the boys, the headless body of Anne Boleyn, who was executed in 1536, has been seen floating down the halls and near the spot of her execution. A sighting of the ghost of Lady Jane Grey was also reported by a guard back in 1957. 


3. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Try and think of absolutely everything evil you can - and it's likely that this house is somehow associated with it. Child sacrifice, witchery, devil worship and evil spirits are all said to have had something to do with this house, which was built in 1145 on an ancient Pagan burial ground. 

An overnight stay within its quarters is not for the faint hearted, with guests regularly reporting sights of ghosts in their rooms, and the feeling of being physically touched and pulled and hearing voices. 

It's no wonder that it's considered to be the most haunted house in Britain, and possibly in the world. 


4. Fort George, the Citadel, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dating back to the 18th Century, this plot is considered to be Canada's most haunted historic site, and has boasted countless supernatural sightings over recent years. 

The eeriest of appearances often comes in the form of a little girl who joins the regular ghost tours that take place on the site, with members of the public often claiming that they feel her hand slipping into theirs. 

People also often suffer the feeling of being watched, hearing voices, unexplained bangs, feeling nauseous and even being pushed by an unseen force. The vanishing ghosts of soldiers have also been sighted, and even visible mists which have been captured on film. 



5. Château de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France


Although rebuilt by the Count of Anjou Château de Brissac in 1502, the castle dates back to the 11th Century, and has many ghostly associations. Back in the 15th Century nobleman Jacques de Brézé is believed to have caught his wife in the act of adultery, and murdered both her and her lover with a sword. It is said that visitors still hear the echoes of their screams to this day.  

A regular ghostly guest of the castle is the la Dame Verte, also known as the "Green Lady", who is such a persistent guest that the current owners have grown used to her. She is said to wear a green dress and stand in the tower room of the chapel. 

But it gets better (or worse). Many have said that you don't want to catch her eye- because she doesn't have any. Yep, just like in your worst nightmares, her face has only three swirling black holes where her eyes and nose should be, and her corpse-like ghost regularly moans around the castle in the dead of night. 


6. Borgvattnet, the haunted vicarage, Sweden

Originally built in 1876, the Old Vicarage in Jämtland County, morthern Sweden, is considered to be one of the most haunted spots in the country, with paranormal activity first being reported back in 1927. The owner, then Nils Hedlund, claimed that on his way up to the attic he watched his laundry being torn from the line by an unseen force. This poltergeist wasn't exactly a domestic goddess, it seems. 

The owner of the vicarage back in 1945, Erick Lindgren, kept on top of the sightings, and even reported being thrown out of his chair on several occasions by an invisible force. 

The vicarage is actually open to the public and you can sample some of the fine cuisine, and even get to know some of the more unconventional guests if you choose to stay overnight. A past guest has claimed to have been woken in the dead of night by three old women staring at her as she slept. When she turned on the light, however, their figures turned blurry. 

This experience isn't for the faint-hearted, with those who are brave enough to last the entire night in the room being few and far between. You can even earn a certificate if you can do it!


7. The White House, Washington D.C., USA

Arguably the most famous house on earth and packed with history, several of America's Presidents and visitors to he White House have complained of paranormal activity, and particularly the return of past leaders. 

Several have claimed to have been visited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, including Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands and wartime Prime Minister of the UK Winston Churchill, who refused to sleep in the room again after the encounter. Several other past leaders also claim to have witnessed the ghost of Lincoln, including Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover and Dwight Eisenhower, and the families of leaders such as First Lady Jackie Kennedy and Ladybird Johnson. 

Many employees of the White House have heard the voice of President Andrew Jackson in the Rose Room (one of the rooms in which Lincoln is said to patrol also), either laughing or swearing loudly. 

Sightings of the ghost of Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, have been reported in the room in which she used to hang her laundry, floating across the room with arms outstretched, seemingly finishing the job. Looks like we still have chores in the afterlife to look forward to.  

Many have also reported sightings of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Tyler, and there have been several complaints of unexplained voices, bangs, screams, footsteps and sudden cold spots in Pennsylvania Avenue. 


8. Mount Everest, Nepal

Although quite the unusual place to suspect of paranormal activity, several expeditionists who have taken on Mount Everest have said to have been cheered on by the ghost of Andrew Irvine. Irvine and his climbing partner George Mallory disappeared during an expedition back in 1924, with Mallory's body only being exhumed in 1999. Irvine's body was never found. 

Soul-crushingly enough, the pair were less than 1,000 feet away from becoming the first ever to reach the top, and so their spirits remain to motivate others to reach their goal. 


9. London Underground, UK

Although millions use the tube every single day, the underground has a packed history full of ghosts, ghouls and unexplained happenings. One of the top stations for supernatural suspicions is Bethnal Green, where 173 members of the public were crushed to death during a air raid panic in the Second World War. To this day employees at the station can still hear their screams. 


10. Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, UK

This one is straight-up freaky. Back in 1999 a homeless man broke into a coffin in Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, intending to make a bed out of it. It is believed that this unsettled some paranormal activity, with visitors to the cemetery emerging with scratches and broken fingers.

Things escalated when tours of the graveyard began, and in which more than 140 members of the public collapsed suddenly. As a result of this, the city council decided to seal up the grave...what took them so long?!


11. Toowoomba, Australia

This is a town fanatical about the spooks, with their own dedicated ghost buster team. Members of the small community in southern Queensland are proud of the legend of the "lady in the red dress" - the ghost of a resident who died back in 1944 - and claim to have photographic proof of sightings of her, a tombstone hopping ghost and a supernatural blue mist that often falls on the town. 


12. Pluckley, Kent

Known as the most haunted village in England, Pluckley's reputation is far removed from its setting cameo in The Darling Buds of May. The village has attracted various television programmes, ghost hunting members of the public and paranormal investigators, all desperate to catch a glimpse of one of the reported 12-16 ghosts that haunt the village. 

The Screaming Man is a popular legend, claiming that a local man who worked in the village brickwork and fell to his death can still be heard screaming in agony today. 

Fright Corner is patrolled by the ghost of a highwayman who was said to have been run through with a sword and pinned to a tree in the corner. 

It is believed that a local woman now known as the 'Watercress Woman' once accidentally set herself on fire as she fell asleep smoking a pipe (as you do), and her phantom is often witnessed around the village. 

There was once a schoolmaster who hanged himself in his classroom in the 1800s, where the schoolchildren later found him. Many have reported sightings of him wandering in the grounds wearing striped trousers. 

The forest that surrounds the village, Dering Woods, is said to be haunted by the screams of many who got lost in its trees, and you even pitch a tent there and brave an overnight stay. 


13. Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

Although now an attraction complete with live actors and ominous lighting to spookify your Halloween, Eastern State Penitentiary was built back in 1829 as the first prison to introduce solitary confinement, which became known as the Pennsylvania System. The strict rules were derived from Quaker beliefs, and subjected the inmates to just a skylight for a source of light, claiming this to be "the light of God". 

The extreme isolation that these inmates were subjected to drove many of them to insanity, leading the system to be banned in 1913, and the building was used as a normal prison until the 1970s. 

Famous inmates include the likes of Al Capone, but after its abandonment there have been a large number of reports of ghostly encounters, which have been occurring since the 1940s. 

It is said that a number of tortured spirits roam the corridors and grounds, such as the infamous "Slick Willie" Sutton, who has been spotted on several occasions. 

Reports of the sound of evil cackling, distant talking, disembodied footsteps and the banging of cell doors is common, as well as the sighting of shadowy figures sliding down cell walls, dark figures in the guard tower and even faces in cells. 


14. Old Changi Hospital and Changi Beach, Singapore

It seems that Singapore is no stranger to ghostly haunts, particularly in the case of former hospital and prison camp of Old Changi Hospital. During the Second World War the land was seized by the Kempeitai, the Japanese Secret Police, and the site is said to harbour the ghosts of Japanese servicemen, those who were executed and the patients who spent their last days there. 

After 1945 the building became a hospital once more and remained so until 1997, before being abandoned and left to dereliction. 

What was once the children's ward is said to house the spirits of the children who died there, and unexplained bangs and screams are often heard. An old man has regularly been sighted in the corridors, and a woman is said to float from room to room, as well as bloody Japanese soldiers. 

If that's not freaky enough for you (weirdo), then check out Haw Par Villa, a theme park built in the 1930s with the intention of illustrating Chinese folklore, and which many believe to conceal one of the actual gates of hell. Yes, security guards often report screams in the night... fairly creepy. 

But it gets freakier. The park contains many exhibits of waxworks torturing each other, and some believe these to be actual dead humans covered in wax, and exhibited for entertainment, or something. Yeah.  


15. Corvin Castle, Transylvania

It is to be expected that there have been some spooky happenings in Transylvania, and so why wouldn't there be reports of vampire-esque ghoulishness in a turreted castle in the hills? Vlad the impaler, a gruesome ruler who (you guessed it) executed his victims by impalement, was kept prisoner in this ominous castle. There have been many reports of vampire-like figures appearing in doorways and corridors, so it looks as if he has unfinished business.


*runs and hides under covers for the rest of time*

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