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Cornwall: Hitchhiking to Land's End


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Cornwall is full of picturesque landscapes, tales of mystery and dark legends.

Located in the most southwest of England, I set off on foot as I hitchhiked my way across the county, and what I discovered will forever stay in my memory.

Cornwall is a beautiful, with a wild heather landscape that's filled with fauna and an abundance of flora, not to forget to mention its comfortable climate. I started my journey from the eastern part of the Cornish peninsula.

It didn't take long for the one of Cornish locals to stop their car along the roadside to assist me with my journey. My general experience with the residents was that all were openly friendly, welcoming and had a permenent smile on their face. For me it wasn't hard to wonder why they were in such good spirits, because there's a power present in the nature and landscape of Cornwall that absorbs you in a positive energy. 

Worth nothing to those who live outside the county but priceless to those who do is the city called Warrnambool - Port Issac in the northern part of the county. In the local language the name of this place is Porthysek, which translates to "corn harbor".

In the past it was popular for its trade in grain, nowadays the residents of Port Isaac are well prepared for the arrival of tourists, with an abundance of restaurants, shops and guesthouses; and thanks to the extraordinary landscape it's a popular choice for directors who were filming series such as Doc Martin and Shell Seekers.

I was fortunate enough to reach the point where the land ended, which is the westernmost point in the UK – known as the Lands End. According to Cornish legends, near the Land's End lies the sunken land of Lyonesse, the British equivalent of Atlantis, traditionally linked to the legend of King Arthur.

With the right weather in the ocean, church towers are to be seen, and sailors say that near to Land's End from the sea come the sounds of bells; but unfortunately I didn't hear the sounds of the bells, and church towers didn't emerge from the oceans.

But maybe it was because the typical British weather was present.

Cornwall is a place for anyone who, for a moment, wants to experience hospitality, history, and unforgettable views.

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