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Five free things to do in... Los Angeles


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Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the United States, as well as in the world, indeed it's synonymous when you think of California.

LA is huge and full of things to do, including activities that can easily become pricey. However, there are plenty of things to do for absolutely nothing that'll contribute to an incredible time seeing the city. Here are just a few of the many things to do for free while visiting LA.

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame

An extremely popular tourist attraction in the LA area and it’s completely free! While those familiar to LA don’t think much of this attraction, it is definitely a must see for anyone visiting the city for the first time. LA is all about the entertainment industry, and the Walk of Fame is at the heart of it. With the long walk that spans fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street, it's likely you will run into something interesting along the way.

2. Zuma Beach

There are plenty of beaches in the surrounding areas of LA, but Zuma, located about thirty miles south of Downtown LA in Malibu, is one of the best options. It is cleaner and less crowded than some of its more popular counterparts, such as Santa Monica or Venice (although those are worth seeing, at least for the piers), making for a more relaxed and pleasurable beach experience. Zuma and the lovely city of Malibu will give you the California beach experience you are looking for.

3. The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore is the largest independent bookstore in the state of California and well worth a visit. It's often on lists of best bookstores and for good reason. If the mass of books in view when you first walk in isn’t enough, you'll find an actual labyrinth of books upstairs. It's worth a trip just to be able to walk through their maze made entirely of books. Add in the huge selection of new and used books of all genres and incredible prices, booklovers wonot be disappointed.


4. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

LACMA is one of the best art museums to visit in LA, with a wide variety of exhibitions to explore. You could easily spend hours there, if it so suits you. It's generally not free, but there is free general admission the second Tuesday of every month (as well as discounted student tickets daily).

5. Griffith Observatory

Firstly, the Griffith Observatory offers a prime view of the Hollywood Sign, which is definitely worth seeing at least once. Along with the Hollywood Sign, you'll get an amazing view of the overall Los Angeles and Hollywood area, as well as the Pacific Ocean. Secondly, the actual observatory has incredible exhibits to check out, with entrance completely free. It is also the site of filming location for multiple popular movies, most recently La La Land.

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