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Why you should visit Prague immediately


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Prague is simply amazing. Between the well preserved gothic style buildings that have the ability to stop you in your tracks with their grandeur, and the low cost of living that allows for anyone to really enjoy themselves while visiting, any world traveller should have reason enough to stop by and enjoy the Czech Republic's capital.

Every step taken and every monument seen adds to the full aesthetic offered by Prague, but a good place to begin is in Old Town Square, where gothic architecture and colourful buildings are aligned side by side. The contrast is rich and is punctuated by the dark and intimidating Prague Astronomical Clock and Church of Our Lady before Týn.

There are ten zones in Prague, each having different characteristics that define them. I began my journey in Prague Three: Žižkov, which despite the construction was quite beautiful, under the watch of a giant statue of the historic Czech general and Hussite leader Jan Žižka.

Another major historical site that can be seen from anywhere in Prague is the Žižkov Television Tower, later named Tower Park Praha, which was erected with communist-era architecture, but was later made as a defining monument for Prague inhabitants after statues of faceless babies were added crawling up and down the sides. As the tallest building in the Czech Republic, it's also often regarded as one of the ugliest in the world.

The Charles Bridge on the other hand is the epitome of Prague and is a must experience while visiting. Crossing this nearly 700 year old bridge is like walking back in time as it connects the new and modern Prague to an old, medieval one built for the most part on a steep hill where Prague Castle sits on top.

Vendors and performers usually set up shop on the Charles Bridge, adding to the hypnagogic effect of it all. This is only the beginning, however, as reaching the “old city” and embarking on a scenic trek to the top is still to come.

Once inside, the entire dynamic of Prague shifts to where the pace slows down greatly, with everyone overcome with complete awe due to the surrounding architecture and entire layout of this city of a bygone period. Great restaurants are located just after the Charles Bridge, so grab a bite before making your way to Prague Castle.

If you are as fortunate as my fellow travellers and myself, you may reach the top as hundreds of people and about ten carriages, each being powered by four massive horses, prepare to descend into the lower areas of Prague One. For us, time slowed to a near halt as children ringing bells, grown men and women embracing the moment and the smiling horsemen all combined for a truly unbelievable scene. In a matter of seconds, however, everyone disappeared in to see the castle or down the cobblestone road we had just previously walked up.

The reward for making it to the top is Prague Castle, which dates back to the ninth century. This building is massive and a lot of open area surrounds it, so take it slow and let it sink in. Be sure to get a close look at the gargoyles perched all around the mid section of the castle's exterior.

Finally, the walk down and out of the old city is all that is left. At the bottom you may need to further unwind with the Prague drink of choice, a Beton composed of Becherovka liquor, tonic water, ice and a slice of lemon.

There is so much more to see in Prague, so get there and check it out! You will not be disappointed.

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