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5 ways to live your dream and travel for free


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If you find yourself dreaming of fresh coconuts on pale sandy shores or looking out over lush green palms surrounded by exotic sounds and hot summer air, then you don't have to dream anymore. Paradise doesn't have to cost much... if anything! 

We live in a very modern world where if a fancy resort in the Maldives picks up on your photography skills on Instagram you could be sailing around their clear oceans next week. Here are a few ways to live the dream life in far away lands for a very pretty penny. 

1. Become an expat

Don't fancy sitting in an office back home in a rainy city? (you know I mean you London!) Switch life as you know it for a complete culture shock and probably the best adventure you'll ever have. Australia pays brilliantly for short contracts; being a tour leader means you get to explore multiple locations on the job, and working as a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs out there whilst your accommodation is covered! 

2. Just ask 

It sounds crazy now but you can always just email that luxury hotel in Costa Rica or resort in the Canadian mountains and ask for a free stay! If you have a skill they value, such as offering to build them an up to date website, using your graphic design knowledge to update their branding, or promoting them to your large social media following, photographing their premises for free, making them a promo video or even writing them a review and sharing it on a reputable website, you'll be in with a good chance. Every business would love a freebie just as much as you'd love free travel! 


3. Couchsurfing 

Since backpacking I've only heard good things about couchsurfing! You pay nothing for a comfortable stay with a genuine local who probably just wants to improve their English. Depending on how generous your host is you may get a few home cooked meals and the best tips for exploring your new location - just make sure you read the host's reviews and only book with someone trustworthy.

4. Housesitting

Want to look after a wealthy man's villa in south of France? I'm sure they'd be happy to let you keep guard for free. Although not all the properties will be lavish, there are plenty of worried home owners from all over the world looking for a travel hungry individual to look after their home. There are plenty of websites out there which allow you to contact these home owners and score a free pad for a week! 


5. Social media 

Now this truly is the dream life. Lay in your bikini beneath some palm trees and get paid! Yes please! Whilst this is probably the hardest option on the list and can take years to build up an audience big enough, if you have the photography skills and passion to go with it you can live a seriously easy life in countless breathtaking destinations. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone and live the life you want. 

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