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The British are hoarding £1.6 billion of foreign currency in their homes


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British holidaymakers are each keeping an average of £97.68 of leftover holiday money in their homes, equating to a staggering £1.59 billion across the country.

A new On the Beach survey of 1,000 Brits found that 43% of holidaymakers bring spare foreign cash home with them at the end of a holiday.

Euro is the most popular currency, with 81% of respondents admitting to having some stashed at home.

Some of us are either sentimental or very out of touch, as the survey found that a considerable number of Brits are hanging on to now obsolete currencies such as the French franc and Cypriot pound.  

Of those who do get rid of their leftover cash at the airport before heading back to the UK, 32% said that they would splash £10 on unneccessary purchases, while 9% said they would squander up to £50 so as not to bring foreign money home with them.

"Remember to take it with you next time you jet off!" warns On the Beach marketing officer Alistair Daly.

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