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Melbourne's giant waterslide looks so ridiculously fun you'll forget how cold you are in the UK


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It may seem hard to imagine considering the UK’s current possibility of snow, but when you’re in a city that’s submerged in a sticky heatwave, you’ve usually got a few options for cooling down: eat mountains of ice lollies, head to the nearest beach to jump in the sea … or just bury yourself away in an air conditioned room.

Well, sorry, but all of those things are going to sound like rubbish ideas once you’ve seen Melbourne’s GIANT INFLATABLE WATERSLIDE.

Yep, the big kid inside us has escaped and we have no regrets.

The slide’s 50-minute sessions begin on the hour every hour between 10 and 7 – but sadly, it will be gone from Federation Square after January 15.

But, until then, we will happily pretend we’re in Melbourne for a while…

It only costs $29.95 (around £18) for the session – and just get a load of the range of inflatables on offer to slide down on. *Bagsies the giant dinosaur inflatable*

Still need convincing that everywhere in the UK needs this much fun when summer eventually returns? OK then, just watch this go on the slip ‘n’ slide.

If you do head to Melbourne any time soon, and throwing yourself in water isn’t enough to cure #heatwaveproblems, here’s another tip – people are bigging up Popstic ice cream, found at a kiosk in Federation Square. Yes, we’re too good to you.

Go for the raspberry sorbet we reckon…

And if you’re not so into the whole waterslide thing but are quite keen to watch others have fun/make a fool of themselves, there are plenty of comfy-looking seats in the shade nearby.

Think we can all agree that Melbourne is doing summer in a city right.

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