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To Infinity and Beyond: Britain’s favourite fictional holiday spots


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Once upon a time, in a galaxy of travel websites (aka,, Britons were asked the question that rules them all... what fictional land they’d most like to visit, of course!

I can hear the potential answers flying round your head right now. My first response would of course be Disney’s magical Wonderland; I am a wanderer after all, and an avid Alice fan.

But what about the tropic surroundings of Pandora, the ultimate paradise for extremely tall blue people?

But no, Britons turned to the platform that holds the answer to many of our problems, the reliable hub that awaits us after a long day in the office... Netflix! Over half the respondents to the question revealed they’d been inspired by their favourite films or series when looking for vacation destinations.

With our eyes glued, hearts stolen and breath taken by TV's top shows for several hours a week, it’s hardly surprising we can’t get them off our minds.

So when given the choice of awesome fantasy lands, Britons picked these ten for their ultimate fictioinal bucketlist...

Hawkins, Indiana (Stranger Things) – 48%

King’s Landing (Game of Thrones)– 35%

Alderaan (Star Wars) – 31%

Craigh na Dun (Outlander) – 30%

Walford, London (EastEnders) – 26%

Asgard (Thor) – 24%

Hogwarts (Harry Potter) – 22%

Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings) – 19%

Rosewood, Pennsylvania (Pretty Little Liars) – 19%

Quahog, Rhode Island (Family Guy)


The most recent original series to hit our screens stole the show this time around and nearly half of the people surveyed picked Hawkins, the American city full of portals into the ‘dark upside-down world’ run rampage by young students taking on slimy creatures and falling for each other along the way.

I’m still in shock that this regular town filled with run-of-the-mill cinemas, police stations, schools and MONSTERS came to us as a destination to spend our time in over a school of wizardry! Hogwarts is a clear winner in my mind.   

Perhaps it’s the comfort of the known, the American dream and the young love that convinced Britons that Hawkins was the place to be. After all, producers did such a great job convincing us that film and series sets were real places that one in six people surveyed actually tried to book a trip to a place that turned out to be fictional! Bad luck, Middle Earth looked so scenic too.

Game of Thrones, Coatia

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, very wisely said:

“We spend a lot of time and emotion investing into our favourite series or movies and it would be incredible to visit the filming locations to say you stood where your favourite characters stood also. However, whilst most films and series are based within real countries, the towns they’re filmed in are usually fictional because they’re largely filmed within a studio.”

No fear, you can still visit film and series homes that DO exist. Planet Earth based fiction lead our bookings to New York, Las Vegas and Marbella (perhaps that choice was TOWIE inspired?)

What fictional land is on your bucket list?

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