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These floating hostels will bring your wanderlust on STRONG

5th September 2016

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Bacon and peanut butter, avocado and chocolate – we’re always on the lookout for new, unexpected things that will rock our world. Our adventurous spirit isn’t just limited to food, though, and recently we’ve been thinking about the coolest places to spend our holidays.

After some research, we might have found the perfect option for the intrepid: floating hostels.

“But how does it work?” we hear you cry! Calm down, they’re actually a thing, and not just beds magically suspended in the atmosphere. Think of these amazing locations: floating on rivers, seas, above the treetops...

Don’t believe us? Check out these incredible floating hostels that will be sure to give you some serious wanderlust.

Selina Bocas

Colourful deck chairs on a floating hostel
Where: Bocas del Toro, Panama.

A view of bright blue water with deck chairs in the foreground

Why: Because this will be the closest you can get to living the true Finding Nemo dream. This hostel is literally floating on the water, meaning that you can wake up and dive into the sea. Have a drink in the bar, then dive into the sea. Have a nap in a hammock and bam – into the sea.

It also helps that Bocas del Toro is a riot of colourful, clapboard-style Caribbean houses with some of the most beautiful beaches around.

Kadir’s Tree House

Kadir's Tree House
Where: Olympos, Turkey.

Why: Because it’s a serious upgrade from your childhood treehouse. You’ll get to sleep in cabin rooms among the trees and go on adventures around the Lost City, the coastline and nature reserves. It’ll be sure to make 10-year-old you really jealous.

ArkaBarka Floating Hostel

The sun sets at ArkaBarka Floating Hostel
Where: Belgrade, Serbia.

A distant view of ArkaBarka Floating Hostel
Why: Because here you’ll get a city break in the most relaxing and tranquil way possible – this hostel sits on the River Danube and is a short walk into Belgrade’s city centre. You’ll also love the architecture, which seamlessly blends into the surrounding wooded landscape.

Jumbo Stay

A Jumbo Stay cabin with white sheets

Where: Stockholm, Sweden.

An eating area with orange seats and white tables

Why: BECAUSE IT’S IN AN AEROPLANE! Sorry, we got a bit overexcited there, but can you blame us? This hostel is in an actual Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet. Who doesn’t want to spend their holiday pretending they’re an astronaut?

The Red Boat Malaran

A bright red boat with white detailing

Where: Stockholm, Sweden.

The interior of the Red Boat

Why: Because it’s about as authentically nautical as you can get. It’s built on two 100-year-old boats, docked where Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea meet. Not only is the hostel itself oozing with history, but you also get an incredible view of the city.

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