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Pokémon Go a major factor in Brits' travel decisions


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Brits are actually picking their next holiday destination based on where they can catch rare Pokémon.

The travel habits of Millennials are significantly changing thanks to this popular new game, with 55% of Brits saying that their next holiday location has to be a “Pokéstop” hotspot. Over 50% of people are also considering new destinations to visit, according to a survey of 500 British Millennials by

Many of the locations being considered for their prime Pokémon catching opportunities are far from ordinary holiday locations. Places like the Arctic Circle (9%), North Pole (8%) and Mount Everest (9%) are not being ruled out in order to capture these virtual creatures.

65% of British Pokémon gamers are willing to travel the 16 hours to New York just to get the chance to play in the city, and hotel searches for Sokcho, Korea on are up by 95%, as it is the only region in South Korea where the game is available.

Simon ‘Squirtle’ Matthews, the official Gym Leader at the brand, fully supports this latest travel craze, saying: “The Pokémon Go phenomena is now influencing our holiday destinations of choice this summer. It is making us more spontaneous and opening our minds to new adventures in new destinations.” 

He’s not wrong; 43% of holidaymakers say that they’ll probably spend more time than ever exploring a city this summer and 35% believe that they’ll learn more about a location thanks to Pokémon hunting. Holidays might even be more physically active for some than usual, with holidaymakers expected to be walking about four kilometres a day because of the game. Yet, twice as many people still admitted that they’re more likely to use a Pokégym in a hotel than the actual hotel gym.

Pokémon Go is also a major factor in people’s choice of hotel; free Wi-Fi to play the game is more important than free breakfast to 64% of those surveyed. As Matthews said: “It’s ‘lures’ over sun loungers and Pokéstops over restaurant hotspots this summer for travelling Brits”. Chances are travellers will be spending four hours a day of their holiday time Pokémon hunting compared to three hours sunbathing.

The game does appear to be bad news for couples on holiday together, though; 50% of travellers would like to participate in a Pokémon Go bar crawl instead of taking a romantic walk on the beach (40%), or spending alone time in bed with their loved ones (38%).

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