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Only one third of Brits opt to take a gap year


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Gap years are not cheap experiences. 80% of young people in the UK need to work to save money before travelling, requiring an average of £5,500 in order to fund themselves during their time away.

Money constraints, family commitments and not being able to get time off of work are among the top factors that prevent people from travelling, according to a survey conducted by Tourism New Zealand.

But the above factors don’t stop too many people, as the survey also indicates that 1 in 3 British students are likely to go on a gap year – but are more likely to travel after university.

In making the important decision of where to go, the influence of family and friends is found to hold the most weight. More than half of the respondents said they would choose their destination based off of the advice of people close to them. Opinions found on travel review websites like TripAdvisor are also important to some, with 31.6% saying that they’d base where to travel on opinions found there.

Social media platforms also play an influential role in the decision making process; 51.3% of respondents admit to planning to use social media to brag about their travel experiences. Additionally, half of them said that they were envious when they saw other people’s travel pictures on social media and 70% have been inspired by their friends sharing photos of their travels.

4 in 10 of those surveyed said they would most prefer to travel with a friend, while a third would go with a partner. However, the most desired companion was found to be the rugged adventurer and outdoorsman, Bear Grylls. Coming in a close second and third place were television personality James Corden and everyone’s favourite redhead, Prince Harry.

The top three choices for gap year locations are Australia, the USA and New Zealand.

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