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5 things to look out for when you hire a campervan in Australia


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Hiring a campervan is a tough gig, and trawling the internet isn’t always the most fun or effective thing to do with your time. I recently hired a campervan in Australia to drive from from Brisbane to Sydney, having encountered some great tips from other people before choosing which campervan to go with. Here are a few:

1. Age

Throughout Australia you can get campervans that range from 16 years old to one year old so you must be vigilant, and of course don’t be fooled by some of the shiny colours on the vehicle. Make sure you check its age – the quality of paint doesn’t always give a fair depiction of the vehicle’s age (think a girl on a night out who doesn’t quite look the same the morning after!) Make sure you get a look at the vehicle's distance run and the state of the vehicle before you drive it away from the depot.

2. Kitchenette

This is really important if you are on a budget or are travelling for more than a week. After a week, eating out will get quite expensive and it is then you will wish you had hired a van with a full functional kitchenette. Even if you just want a stove for beans on bread or a Pot Noodle, it will help your bank balance out a lot.

3. Mechanics

This is the most important but it is surprising how many people forget to ask the important questions like where the petrol cap is, how to open the petrol cap, how to check the oil and water and what to do when you break down. We had these problems, and it was extremely annoying that we had either forgotten or not asked when we picked it up. Find out where all the mechanical bits are before you leave the depot!

4. Space

Amazingly lots of vehicles out there in Australia have merely been converted from a standard car into a van, which means no proper table and not a lot of space. Make sure if you are hiring for more than a week you have some space; somewhere to sit when it rains, space to get away from the partner or even  just so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping in a coffin.

5. Fridge

Really quite important - after all you are in Australia, and it's likely to be hot. You will probably need a cool box or a fridge in the van; if not for food, get it to keep your water cool on long journeys. Obviously a fridge can come in handy; however most of them only work if you recharge the battery which in turn uses petrol or money. With a cool box, all you need to do is to buy a packet of ice or a cooling pack and you can keep your items cold whenever you would like to, or until the ice melts.

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