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5 fun tips on how to pass time when travelling


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Taking a gap year trip is a fine way for a student to enjoy themselves before they settle down to a full-time job, but such trips inevitably bring lengthy bus, train and plane journeys, delays and waiting times at airports and stations. However, these are a few handy ways that you can pass the time during these bits of your trip.

Read a book or magazine

You could spend the journey browsing through a magazine or immersed in a novel, but either way reading is a good option for passing the time. It doesn’t require electricity, you can do it alone and it doesn’t cost much money – making it the perfect choice.


The gadgets available in 2015, like iPods and MP3 players, will let you store hundreds of songs in a very small, portable format – ideal for long journeys. You can pick songs that keep you energised or create a playlist that covers the entire journey, beginning with pumped up tunes and ending with chillout.  


One thing you probably won’t get that much of during your trip is shut-eye, but the journeys from one place to another can be the best time to grab forty winks. Should you do so you will ensure that you are full of energy for exploring the nightlife, once you get to your destination.

Meet people

Long, boring journeys are the ideal opportunity to get talking to the person sitting next to you – and this can sometimes lead to you making a real new friend. However, even if you never see this person again once the journey is over, chatting to them will still help the journey pass in a more enjoyable fashion. Gaming on a laptop or tablet The games available for these devices range from thrilling action epics like Grand Theft Auto, to great online casino games on a sites like Whichever type of game you pick however, it should prove the perfect tonic for avoiding a joyless journey.

These helpful ideas will definitely ensure that your mind is kept fully occupied while you move from place to place on your trip.

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