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65% of young people missing out on bucket list holidays because they can't afford them

14th July 2014

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What are your plans for this summer? Lining up internships, working double shifts behind the bar and occasionally lazing in the park at the weekends, praying that the sun doesn’t suddenly disappear behind a cloud? Or maybe you’re heading off on the trip of a lifetime, backpacking through Australia or Cambodia, or hitting the highway on a US roadtrip?

We’d probably all pick the second summer itinerary, if we had the choice. But don’t feel too downhearted if it’s the first option that sounds a whole lot more likely – because research suggests that you’re definitely not alone in putting off that ‘bucket list’ summer trip.

The survey, carried out by MSC Cruises, reveals what it is that stops students taking a trip of a lifetime.

It looks like worries about money, questionable local food and long journeys are the things that are most off-putting for students when it comes to planning, or abandoning, those dream trips abroad.

The Leaky Bucket List from the cruise holiday provider MSC Cruises shows that far from being adventurous when it comes to travel, young people are stifling their plans.

More than one in ten (14.5%) would not visit a destination because of concerns about the local food, whilst a further 19% said travel time would stop them visiting a destination.

The biggest barrier by far was cost – which may not come as much of a surprise. 65% of those aged 16-24 cite it as the top reason for not jetting off to far-flung destinations once the summer holidays hit.

It’s higher than the national average - overall, 55% of Brits polled said cost stops them from visiting dream destinations.

The language barrier (20%), bad reputation or news (51%) and poor weather (35%) are also putting young people off travelling.

Giles Hawke, Executive Director UK, Ireland & Australia at MSC Cruises, offers some advice for those looking to control their spending whilst planning a big holiday: “By pre-purchasing drinks and excursions before your trip, it’s easy to control and manage your spending on board,” he says.

“Our survey also showed that almost one in five Brits spent ten hours or more travelling last time they went abroad, despite two-thirds going away for less than two weeks.”

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