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Not a football fan? 5 ways to escape the World Cup frenzy

3rd May 2014

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It’s almost here: June 13th, the start of the World Cup. Four long weeks of unrelenting, back-to-back football. Not all of us are die-hard footie fans, forking out thousands for a flight to Brazil - nor are we living in denial by painting flags on our cheeks and pretending we understand the difference between stoppage time and extra time.


Despite this, in no time at all it’ll be nigh on impossible to pass a bar without hearing the groans of a near-miss, or walk down the street without being deafened by floods of car horns.


So, without going so far as to skydive with a scuba tank directly into a reef, the team at GoEuro have come up with five ways to stay sane over the next few weeks if you really, really don’t fancy the football.


1. Go to Scandinavia and celebrate Midsummer


Summers in the Nordic countries are short but incredibly intense. The height of the festivities being the summer solstice (20th-21st June), when everyone flees the city to retreat to their lakeside cottages and be close to nature. This essentially translates into a long weekend of bonfires, saunas and champagne breakfasts – not a bad alternative to fighting for a seat in a smoky, over-crowded pub! And the best part? None of the Scandinavian countries even qualified, so chances are they’re probably about as fussed about keeping track as you are.


2. Go to a festival


Rather conveniently for us, the World Cup happens to run over prime festival season. Glastonbury, Roskilde and Fusion will all be taking place towards the end of June, and EXIT happens in early July, so if you manage to bag yourself a ticket, you’re set for a good 5 days of revelry. The more anti-commercial the festival, the better – even waiting for Glastonbury’s Saturday night headliners to start their set you run the risk of over-hearing from the crushed group of Brits beside you that England’s not through to the quarter finals…


3. Do a digital detox


The World Cup also makes for the perfect excuse to get yourself off the treadmill and escape all the daily stresses. If you don’t quite have the self-restraint to stop checking those Whatsapp notifications, you can disconnect with a digital detox weekend like this one in Suffolk or this one in Dublin. These tech-free packages’ll take you totally off the grid – no smartphones, no clocks, nothing. Out of sight, out of mind!


4.  Hide away in a techno club


There’s perhaps no better place to escape the real world than Berlin’s often intense club scene. Check the lineups, pick a techno club and dance your World Cup worries away. If you’re really in it for the long-haul, you could quite easily while away an entire weekend without even having to see the light of day. And you can rest assured that no chumps in football shirts are making their way past the infamous Berghain bouncers.


5. Go on a trekking expedition in the Scottish Highlands


Really got to get away from it all? Head to the Highlands. You can guarantee a full day’s rambling without stumbling upon another soul, and after hiking to the top of a mountain range and looking out across a landscape of cascading waterfalls and endless sweeping moorlands, the 5pm Belgium v Algeria game is going to be the last thing on your mind. Afterwards, hole up in one of these remote cabins, sip some Scotch beside a roaring log fire and wait for all the football madness to blow over.

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