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10 top tips for packing


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With the Easter break upon us and bank holiday in early May on its way, many of us will embark on a little getaway to recharge batteries before the summer exams.

Here are some tips for the least exciting yet essential part of travelling – packing – to make the most of your space and time:

1. Make a list

Sounds tedious and time-consuming but you can do it while on the bus/in a boring lecture. It’s also a good procrastination activity (unless someone sends you a funny cat video).

2. Choose your luggage wisely…

Think of the nature of your trip: is it a weekend city break? A camp in the forest? Suitcases are convenient for a ‘planned’ holiday when you only need to drag it from the airport to the train/bus/taxi and then to the hotel. Backpacks are better if you know you will have to carry it for miles.

3. …and make it stand out

About 90% of luggage is either black, navy blue or grey. Although those are very practical colours that go with everything, it is quite hard to differentiate your suitcase on the carousel. Make sure you choose a colourful piece or attach a colourful scarf to it. Personal advice: a pink Hawaiian flowers suitcase is very easy to spot and you get used to amused looks from other passengers fairly fast.

4. Choose clothes that don’t require ironing

Life is too short. Let’s face it, you probably don’t iron at home anyway. Why bother when away?

5. Think the layers through

Pack essentials on top for easy reach. At the same time even if you won’t need those linen trousers straight away, chucking them on the bottom is not the best idea, see point 4.

6. Buddy up

If travelling with someone else, split the contents so that each suitcase contains some of your and their items. In case one of them goes missing you will have enough clothing to get by until your luggage appears.

7. Rock and roll

Just roll for now to rock those clothes later. Roll clothes instead of folding them. They will take less room and will be less wrinkled. You might want to secure them with elastic bands so that at arrival you will find them in the exactly same state as when you packed them.

8. Secure your belongings

Use zip lock bags for cosmetics (leaky!), passports and chargers (just in case).

9. Be prepared

Pack some plastic bags to separate wet/dirty stuff. Not very environment-friendly, but in a way it is sustainable and can be a real life-saver.

10. Save room

Stuff socks into your shoes. So simple. So space-saving.

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